Thursday, 1 January 2009

A "DRY" MONTH . . .

It is probably worth pointing out, the "dryness" I'm referring to has nothing to do with the weather. After all, I live in Scotland. NO month is a dry month.

But January, I have decided, will be dry in terms of me trying my best to stay off the booze.

As Chele pointed out on my previous post, my past year seems to have involved rather a lot of wine. It's true.

I've been drinking a bit too much of late. It used to be that I could go for a few weeks without having any alcohol. I didn't even particularly like the taste, which always helps. I would drink when I went out, but that was it. Sometimes I would go out and NOT drink, amazing though it sounds.

I can almost pinpoint the moment when alcohol, namely wine, became a virtual daily thing in my life. It was right around that three weeks at the end of February/beginning of March when everything went wrong at once.

I believe I had alcohol 21 days in a row. Not necessarily to the stage of getting drunk. But I always had at least a glass of vino or two. It was sort of the only way I felt I could get through everything. I knew things weren't quite right, tried to make a joke out of it, but I knew eventually I would have to have a dry day.

And, you know, I HAVE had my dry days. There's been times where I've managed five days without alcohol. But then, I have a particularly bad day and the first thing I think is "oh, I need a glass of wine. Or two. Or six."

I never used to feel that way about booze.

Plus, I can actually drink a whole bottle of wine these days and not feel much of an effect. That worries me. Because I was always a total lightweight who could get drunk on AIR at times. The fact that sometimes I have to break open a second bottle of white zin in order to get a buzz is something that scares me slightly.

So I made a decision a couple of days ago that I would do my best not to drink in January. I need to give my liver a break, and break the cycle I seem to be in where alcohol seems to have weirdly become the solution to all my problems. I also think it will help in my quest to lose weight, but that's neither here nor there at that point. I just want to see if I CAN do it. Because it's been a LONG time that I've went a month without some sort of alcohol.

I guess I'm trying to prove something to myself.

I don't think it's going to be easy though . . . Especially since I'm not even a full day IN to January yet and am already thinking how much I would love a glass of rose. Damned lack-of-willpower!!!

Wish me luck!!!


  1. Good luck Paula! I like to take periodic breaks from drinking too.

  2. Success! I was actually thinking the same today - I have to quit drinking too... (I have this huge hungover) I'm in empathy with your situation and I'll do all I can to be there for you if you need some support :D Wise decision Polly!

  3. Hey, thats a great idea. I might try it with you- must stay away from wine and vodka.

    Good luck!

  4. Good luck!! I know how you feel, I can't remember the last time I went a month without drinking - eek!

    Maybe I should give my liver a little break too...hmmm...

  5. I'm wishing you all the luck and sending you as many good vibes as i can muster.

    I actually went almost two years without drinking. It wasnt because i was an alco, or for any doctor inforced reasons, i just felt i didnt always need it, and eventually NOT DRINKING was the habit.

    Stay strong!

  6. Paula I know you can do it, yes your liver deserves a break. Its 30 days, I know you can do it.
    At least cut it down to only Saturdays so you have something to look forward too and ban weekdays completely.

  7. Good luck - I know you can do it! :0)

  8. I'm kind of the same way about wine. I just have a glass or two with dinner. Never thought about it as being a big deal, until I really sat and thought about how much wine that really is. I never get drunk, but I too would like to ease up a bit. I think wine should be enjoyed with friends, and since I live alone and don't go out a ton, it should be fairly easy (I think) to ease off and only drink when I go out. and like you, it saves calories and for me, a bit of money.

    good luck!

  9. I have faith in you girly :) alcohol free for 1 month - easy as!!

    It is easy to get into that routine though, I can sympathise with it :) Lots of luck xx

  10. Good Luck!

    I'm the opposite. I used to be able to stand with the guys for hours and drink beer after beer. I now need maybe 4 to feel a buzz.

    Your liver thanks you. :)


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