Saturday, 10 January 2009


. . . and sobriety is still successfully co-habiting.

Can you believe it? I haven't actually had a drink since last Sunday. This is officially a record for me!

The weird thing is, I'd actually decided to give myself a lifeline. Yesterday I'd been invited out for today so I'd decided that I would allow myself to drink at the weekend. After all, me not drinking during the week is pretty impressive by my standards anyway! My plans fell through, so I considered going down to the shop and buying a bottle of wine.

But I didn't.

I have alcohol in my flat anyway. I have Creme Caramel flavoured Baileys. Some Toffee Fabulus (that's toffee flavoured vodka liqueur, although thinking about it, that's probably past it's use-by date as I have had it for a little while). A little bit of Malibu and some cranberryraz flavoured vodka.

But I haven't touched any of them.

It's a weird feeling. But I just keep thinking how many calories I am cutting down by not drinking approximately five bottles of wine a week. And since I'm needing to lose weight fairly urgently, this can only be a good thing.

I may drink at some point this week, if I end up going out. But I figure, since I haven't had alcohol at the weekend, maybe it's okay for me to have a drink or two during the week. As long as I'm not drinking alone at home!

It's nice not to wake up with a hangover. On the negative side though, I've not been sleeping well. Alcohol can help me to pass out generally. I'm sure you already know this. It's a good cure for my semi-insomnia. Without it, I'm at a bit of a loss.

But I'm enjoying the lack of a headache in the morning, the random pains inside that tend to wake up with you on the morning after. Knowing I'm not going to do anything stupid or out of my control, or send a stupid text to someone I shouldn't. It's kind of nice. Predictable. But nice.

That being said, it's not as much fun dancing about your bedroom with your hairbrush, pretending to be a pop singer, while sober . . .


  1. I dance around while doing housework.. maybe I shouldn't admit that.. although I think all the neighbours know since I had an audience once.. *cough* anyway..

    You doin brill :) WTG girly, im quite proud of you!!! xx

  2. As long as it makes you have my support...I couldn't stay away from alcohol, but I'm not drinking at home anymore and I'm not going out in order to drink, but I do drink everytime I go out.
    Dancing is always funny, especially pretending the brush is a microphone! :D so girly.

  3. Well, I haven't had any soda since last Sunday!! That's also a record for me!!

  4. Thats wonderful. *gives you a proud pat on the back*
    I think you are allowed a drink now and then just as long its not everyday. And when I cut down on my alcohol I did loose allot of weight as well. I hardly never drink beer anymore...miss it so much.

  5. That's excellent! I haven't had any alcohol either and I too am loving the morning after going out and being able to remember the entire night and know that I didn't do anything stupid like flash someone (ya, that's happened before.)

  6. again everything in moderation. Drinks or two here and there aren't bad things. It's getting out of control with it that's bad. Good job.

  7. I really like drinking, but sometimes it's nice to go a while w/o drinking. I went at it pretty hard last friday so I haven't had anything since then. It's nice :-)

  8. Six days in and your doing well Paula .... congrats! However, if dancing around pretending to be a rockstar is not as much fun when your sober, then you arent listening to the right music....

  9. You most certainly do not need to lose weight!

  10. Congrats on sticking to your resolution! That's very commendable!

    You should totally continue to dance around your bedroom! Maybe a change of music might help? Or a different *ahem* mood changer?

  11. i dance sober in my room all the time...

    it's awesome! lol

  12. Congratulations, darling. It does take some effort to break from your routine like that.
    However, I think a little sober karaoking is always good fun....

  13. We all have to make sacrifices when we decide to lose the booze my dear.


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