Friday, 2 January 2009


I meant to post about this article a while back but it completely slipped my mind until now.

I can't decide if it's sweet. Or stupid.

So, in case you can't be bothered going to the link, the article was about a couple in the States who hadn't even KISSED before they got married.

I mean, I know some people don't believe in SEX before marriage . . . but to not have even KISSED? I don't understand it at all.

To me, the kissing is actually pretty important in a relationship. Even more important, dare I say, than the sex! There's been times when I have quite fancied a guy until we've kissed . . . and then I've totally went off him! Or perhaps I've not been SURE how I felt about a guy and then the kissing convinced me I DID actually fancy him.

For me, the kissing kind of . . . I guess cements the attraction. Shows me for definite whether or not I DO like the guy. Which I guess is also why the "snogging zone" I've mentioned before can also kick in at this stage. Because it occasionally shows me I've bet on the wrong horse.

What if I got married to a guy I never kissed and it turned out he was like a human vaccuum cleaner? Or a face licker? Would that qualify as a good reason to have the marriage annulled? Probably not, because it would probably be considered my own fault for not having testdriven the bloke first. Well, that's what I think anyway!

I do hope the first kiss was all they dreamed of though. Especially after they resisted temptation for so long - even ensuring that they "snuggled" sitting up!

The thing that made me laugh most about the article though was this paragraph . . .

He found other ways to show LaLuz his passion—like by cleaning her car. And washing the dishes.

Yep, there's passion for you.

Mind you, perhaps if I could find a guy who liked to wash the dishes, I could overlook the no-kissing-until-marriage rule.

Or perhaps not . . .


  1. Kissing is just kissing, its innocent enough right? Why no kissing before marriage sounds insane to me!

    You need to know if he is a slobbery kissers or a nice slow, sensual kisser etc! Its says a lot for their personality too! xx

  2. Nah! That's insane! Kissing is so sweet and fun and love kissing, I think those 2 Americans were crazy!

  3. I have friends of friends who have this no kissing philosophy, and let me say, I don't get it at all!

  4. I'd so rather wash my own car than never kiss a guy before i'm married. that's just weird. You're absolutely right, kissing cam make or break an attraction for me. If I feel like I'm kissing my brother, end of attraction. it's over. period. sex, on the other hand is worth giving a second chance if you're into the guy. you can try and guide him and give a few pointers. If, after some instruction they can't get it right, well, that's pretty much the end of things there too. ha ha

  5. Hey Paula,
    Kissing is quite a taboo in many societies and communities, and if you drift into the 'inner' areas of even the most western countries, a vast majority of 'physical contact' is frowned upon.

  6. that's ridiculous !
    did they mention any reason for why didn't they kiss ?
    i can't think of one !! but wasting time, torturing, foolishness ..

  7. Wow ... I have to admit though, what astounded me the most was the name LaLuz ... until I clicked on the article and saw it's her surname (you never know, it could have been her first name!!!).

    A world without kissing though ... unimaginable!

  8. I can't imagine not kissing someone I'm dating. I kiss strangers at the bar on a regular basis. :) I think you should test drive all possible boyfriends in every aspect. If the attraction isn't there, no need to waste time. It's hard enough to sustain the attraction with someone, it's impossible to create it from nothing!

  9. i heard about this article and a review of it in a feminist blog.. it was interesting. do you think kissing makes or breaks a relationship? it would have to depend on the other good things balancing out the relationship, of course.. but kissing, and kissing well is important to me! my last relationship i had, we hardly ever kissed and it was frustrating at times.. its just so much sexier and better with foreplay if you kiss! plus to me it's very intimate and shows love.. like in Pretty Woman where Julia Robert's character says she'll do anything but kiss. that's too personal/intimate!

  10. You need to know if you have chemistry, for Christ sake!! I don't find much romantic about blind faith, in all honesty...


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