Thursday, 22 January 2009


I went on a bus today.

This is a rare occasion for me. Because I HATE buses.

And being on a bus again reminded me just WHY I hate them . . .

1) 11 times out of 10, they REEK!
2) The ride is waaayyyy too bumpy (and not in a good way)
3) You always have the risk of some random smelly stranger coming and sitting next to you. Unless you . . .
4) . . . Are one of those really annoying people who sit on the outside of the seat so no one else can sit next to you without clambering over you. (Assholes)
5) If you're on the top deck of the bus, there is a chance you may fall down the stairs (either when trying to get OFF the bus, or just in general) . . .
6) . . . and people will laugh and point and not help you (I haven't fallen yet, but I imagine that's what they would do).
7) You need the exact change, or you lose money.
8) Drivers have a tendency to be assholes and drive away while you're running for the bus (leaving people to laugh and point at you)
9) And when people get ON the bus, they don't say a destination, they just say an amount of money. And after you go a certain distance, it's essentially a fixed amount. But every so often this just INCREASES without warning. So for someone like ME, who only goes on a bus once in a blue moon . . . this is a bit of a nightmare because I NEVER have a clue what price I'm meant to be paying.
10) If you don't know the journey you are going on very well/have had a drink and aren't on-the-ball/or if the windows are steamed up due to rain, you might not get up in time to get off at your stop. And you can guarantee the next stop will be a good bit away . . . you know, just to piss you off!

It's no wonder I avoid public transport as much as I can, isn't it???


  1. I could *never* use a bus, seriously. I'm so thankful I drive and have a car because they sound AWFUL!!!

    Okay, so you don't think I'm a complete snob, the nearest bus stop to my 'rents house is a 25 minute walk away. 25 minutes!!! And it's hilly. Plus, from what I recall from the last time I used a bus here (before I could drive), they take FOREVER and are indeed full of smelly people. Also, it's £2 for a bus ticket and £3 to take a taxi locally ... I know which option I'd go for.

    Saying that though, I must admit that in places like London and Manchester, the buses are *much* better and actually have night buses - amazing!

    Public transport in the UK though, is pretty much a disgrace.

  2. hehe sound fun!

    I use buses all the time so it isnt so bad for me.. I hardly use them at a busy time of day and my local one is nice and quiet usually!

    Im just lucky I guess :o)

  3. I still don't think the bus system is as crappy as the one in Central America. Really. Especially in my country.

    To tell you the truth, I've *never* ridden a bus here. NEVER.

  4. I am soooo with you on all points, I hate busses, I never use them, I'd rather bloody walk 10 miles or not go at all! heh.

  5. I have the exact same thoughts about buses as you do. They confuse the hell out of me!

  6. Because I was poor growing up, I always had to take the bus or walk. I loathe both. I choose not to do either unless I have no other choice.

    Of course, where I live now, we are "not in the area" for public transportation. It's drive to sit home.

  7. To your bus woes, here's a funny video.


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