Tuesday, 27 January 2009


* "Hahaha, that's what SHE said . . ."

I was over seeing my mum in Hamilton at the weekend and she gave me a gymball that she'd apparently bought at a school car-boot sale (I didn't think schools did these kind of things but there you go!). "It's meant to be a great workout" we agreed.

Of course, I've read a lot about gymballs and how they're great for doing stomach exercises and all that crap.

What I DIDN'T realise was that trying to pump air into the ball was the hardest workout of them all!

After about fifteen minutes of pushing air into the ball, my arm was killing me, the pump itself was making a strange wheezing noise not dissimilar to my own unfit-as-fuck breathing, and . . . the gym ball was still mainly flat. But I persevered, including using my weaker hand. Still not much happening.

Eventually I had to give up.

And suddenly I realise that this post could be referring to something OTHER than a gymball.

Okay, I knew that already. (I was doing it on purpose). But I really AM talking about a gymball.

Which is, I might add, still largely deflated.

Onto other things. I am posting retrospectively at the moment due to being out last night, so my post on last night will probably pop up at some point tomorrow. In the meantime, in honour of "Cheer Me Up Tuesday", check out this article which boasts what people are calling the funniest complaint ever. I am inclined to agree . . .


  1. I was definitely picturing you struggling with that gym ball. Don't let it defeat you!

  2. oh that food in the complaint letter looked so nasty! i'm glad the airlines i usually use only serve complimentary pretzels and cookies and i'm glad i'm never tempted to purchase a $15 sandwich, no matter how good it sounds in the menu.

    i hope "richard" (that's who the letter was for right? i couldn't tell, what with his name being brought up every other sentence) got the letter and replied.

  3. And that's precisely why I still don't have a gym ball. Well, that and the fact that I wouldn't know where to put it in my apartment!

  4. ahh that complaint is funny as!

    hmm gym ball hey.... good luck! x

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  6. Hehe I just saw this - great minds think alike eh!?

    Just a thought on the exercise ball - does it, or the pump, have a hole somewhere?

  7. At least you didn't have to buy it a drink later.

  8. I think the article is even funnier knowing it's a true story!

  9. Hahahahahaha.... Okay, I thought this story would be about balloons, so I wan't that far.

    Because really, WHO thought dirtily about that title? Not me. *blattant lie*

  10. lol! I bought one of those things a couple weeks ago, and I had a hell of a time trying to pump that thing up. I used my hands, my feet, my ass...it was never enough.

  11. I am thankful I've never had airline food that bad! That's a fantastic letter of complaint.

    As for the gym ball, you need to pump it up using a car compressor (I think that's what they are called - ask a car-owning man, he'll know!)!


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