Thursday, 1 January 2009

2008 IN PICTURES . . .

Following Chele's lead, I figured I would sum up some of my favourite times in 2008 with some pics. Simple enough, right? So here goes . . .

Me in Gran Canaria in April on my hotel balcony. I think it was honestly one of the first times I'd felt genuinely happy after all the crap I'd went through earlier on in the year. Nothing like escaping to the sun, right? (Check out my sunburn lines too - oops!)

May 2008 - Me and some of the hen holiday girlies, on the roof terrace of our apartment in Torrevieja, Spain.

Yes, this is my arse. Me and Eva singing karaoke in Shannon's bar in Torrevieja. I don't think we were particularly well received - aptly, we were singing "That Don't Impress Me Much" by Shania Twain. Ironic? Hmmm . . .

In St James' Gate irish bar, also in Torrevieja. People were quick to point out throughout the whole hen week that me and my sister have entirely different colouring. I think this picture perhaps proves it . . .

Many drunken nights out with my friend D . . . which quite often ended up with us being in The Shed in Shawlands. Funny that . . .

M, me and A in a bar in Belfast in July. Good times were had . . .

While in Northern Ireland, I also had a go on the roundabout. That wasn't fun. As you can probably tell from the expression on my face . . . In fact, I look like I'm about to be sick. And yes, I AM clinging on for dear life, just in case you were wondering . . .
"I went to Belfast and all I got was . . . an advert telling me to go home again!"

A slightly small picture of me and Moneyreagh's village donkey - which is ACTUALLY a donkey not a metaphor. M and A were warning me to stay away as they thought he looked a bit randy and apparently I might be "his type". I was oddly flattered by this . . .
"We are, we are . . . on the radio now!" Me getting a bit carried away while A tried to play "Radio Song" by Superbus on Guitar Hero.
M runs me over! How terrible is that? I was just minding my own business, standing in front of a stationary climbing frame . . .and she ran me over! She said the picture would have been even more awesome had she had a beer bottle in her hand. She has a point.
Me PRETENDING to drink directly from the glass of sangria de cava in a restaurant in Barcelona. I really WAS just pretending, I promise!!!
Last day in Barcelona. Word to the wise, wearing jeans there in August? Not the best of ideas unless you want to feel a bit faint. Luckily we finally managed to track down an Irish bar just as we were about to pass out . . .
MG's birthday night out where we spent more time doing random poses . . .
. . . than actually doing all that much DRINKING!!!
Making faces at my 29th birthday celebrations in the Lansdowne in October.

Extreme close-up!!! (Slightly scary, huh? I apologise. In my defence, I don't actually recall this picture being taken. Or the previous one, for that matter . . . )

In Bamboo in Glasgow. Word to the wise? Check the top of your tights aren't showing before letting any pictures get taken . . .

The very beautiful beach at El Cotillo in Fuerteventura. The most dead town in the world (they barely even had a shop and I was terrified that we were going to be stranded there as the buses were so rare!) but how could we resist going to see this gorgeous beach??? I've never seen anything like it . . .

And, last but not least . . . this picture was actually taken in a bathroom at our work christmas night out. I want the chair!!! It's so pretty!!!

I want to point out I have done this post in advance. The plan now is for us to spend Hogmanay having a party in the kitchen of our flat. I think there is only going to be five of us in attendance but I think it will be fun all the same. So hopefully at the time of this post appearing online, I'll be drunk and merry and singing "Auld Lang Syne" (I'm not even sure if that's how you spell that - how crap a Scot am I???)
Happy New Year everyone - let's hope 2009 has lots of great memories for us all!!!


  1. I simply love love that first picture, you look so beautiful and the dress is so pretty. stunning picture.
    your year looked fun , involved allot of wine i seehehe

  2. It wasn't that sad. In fact, now I regret not doing this one instead. Well, maybe next year!

  3. Those are all super cute pictures, you are ADORABLE.

    And that may be the worst sunburn I have ever seen in my entire life!

  4. You look lovely at all of them!!!

  5. You look great! Fun pictures :)
    That sunburn looks so painful!

  6. You looks so tiny in that last picture!

  7. I love the dress in the last photo. And I love the donkey. And I love your karaoke comments. And I love that you did a photo 2008 recap. Just a lot to love.

  8. ^ think andy loves it ;)

    Great post, some fab moments from this year for you, lucky girl!!

    Love your fashion sense, colourful :) x

  9. Paula, you look like so much fun! I really hope we get a chance to meet up when I'm in your end of the world :)

    -Miss Em x


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