Sunday, 7 December 2008

TIME OUT . . .

Normal service will resume later. Right now I'm just thoroughly frustrated at the fact I woke up at six am on a Sunday morning and haven't been able to get back to sleep. And dammit, I've been trying to. I've tried my ass off. Yet I'm still wide awake.

I hate lying in the dark for too long because then I'm just alone with my thoughts. Sometimes I have too many thoughts inside and they crowd each other out. I had to eventually make the executive decision to just give up trying to sleep and read my book because I couldn't keep thinking.

So now I'm awake but tired but unable to sleep on the day I really wanted to catch up on a week's worth of zzzzzs. And it's not even eight o'clock yet and it's meant to be a day of rest!



  1. Yeah, that's a bitch.

    Fortunately my body remembered it was Sunday and I have therefore been up for about an hour. (I'm sure that makes you feel so much better.. sorry).

  2. Shitty deal. My alarm is brokena nd terefore went off at 7am this morn and I can't get back to sleep. Boooo.

  3. aww :( hope you manage a power nap or something :) xx

  4. oh :(

    just get up from bed .. it's pure torturing to stay awake in the dark .. go do anything else and when you feel like sleeping come back to bed again ..

  5. does that mean you didnt go out last night?


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