Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Unlike a lot of females, I've never had a particular hang-up about my thighs. I tend to focus more on being hung-up on my love handles/muffin top/whatever the kids are calling it these days. My thighs have never bothered me.

In fact, I would prefer to be able to show my thighs than the lower portion of my legs. I don't wouldn't mind wearing hotpants, for example, as long as I could cover up the rest of my legs. Knee high boots perhaps??? Hmmm, not sure I could pull off the hotpant/knee high boot combo somehow . . .

Anyway, the fact I don't mind my thighs is what makes the next part weird . . .

For some reason, they keep attacking my trousers!!!!

I can't remember the last pair of trousers or jeans I wore regularly which do not end up ripped up the inside of my thighs in a matter of months.

My favourite jeans at the moment are on the verge of becoming indecent. I first noticed the fabric straining around my thighs just a couple of months back. Now they are fully fledged holes on either side. I have to walk like my legs are tied together in order to not flash any flesh.

You could say here "Wear a bigger size". It honestly wouldn't make a difference. I've worn many different sizes. Many different styles. A variation of fabrics.


It's frustrating. It's annoying. (Especially because a) they're bloody damn hard to sew back up and b) I can't sew for shit. Also, because I HATE shopping for trousers!) It's getting kind of expensive.

And my thighs still look the same size!!!

They're taunting me.

The only thing I can deduce from this strange phenomenom?

My thighs don't want me to cover them up.

In the words of Freddie Mercury, "they want to break free".

Who am I to hold them back, I suppose . . .


  1. Hehe, if they want to be set free, I suggest you indulge them ;)

  2. Mine do that to my trousers too...but that's because they're huge thunder thighs!! I say get yours out, it seems to be what they want!

  3. How strange... but maybe you can start a new hole-in-the-side trend.

  4. How about knee high socks instead of boots?

  5. lol! The same used to happen to me when I was a teenager but I hasn't happened for like 5 years or so, I wonder why.

  6. I know this going to sound completely horrid..... but i thik the reason for this might e because your thighs chafe together when you walk.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but i know when i was a bigger girl that was the cause of all my holey trousers...

  7. Maybe you could but a little tape (clear of course) over the area where your thighs rub. Start a new trend!

  8. Ben might be on to something there. Although there's a lot to be said for a short dress and high boots too....

  9. Thigh-less chaps could be the new rage!


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