Friday, 19 December 2008


( . . . that would be moi, by the way!)

Sometimes you have to make your own entertainment, right? Like today when my department were holding a Christmas Stocking competition. The rules? You decorate a stocking, and it gets judged. Simple enough.

I didn't take part. Well, not AT FIRST anyway . . .

After all the stockings had been hung up against the window "with care", the judging commenced. A woman from another department came along and took pictures of the stockings, and went away so she could appraise them. At that point, egged on by the others, I decided to enter the contest a little later than planned. Can you guess what one is mine???

(Clue: it would be the blue BEDSOCK* on the right of the picture)

Anyway, you could tell when the managers came back from their meeting due to the howls of laughter from outside the room as they clocked the sock. "Who does that belong to?" shrieked one of them. When she worked out it was me, she reprimanded me for not at least DECORATING said sock . . . sorry, STOCKING!!!

I decided at that point perhaps I should take the competition a little more seriously . . .

. . . Okay, well not all THAT seriously, to be honest. A tiny bit of tinsel stolen from around my PC and a post-it note with "Merry Christmas" written on it doesn't really provide much competition with the others next to it. Or does it . . .?

When the woman came back to announce the winners, she did make special mention to my entry . . . basically to say how crap it was. Frankly, I was hurt. After the winners were announced, I stormed up to the window and ripped my entry down, pulling the tinsel and post-it off and flinging them into the bin dramatically. "It's a fix," I announced as I threw the sock back in my desk drawer with its matched pair. "An artist is never appreciated in her own time!"

I just hope people didn't think I was being serious . . .

Oh yes and we did our Secret Santa today. With one of the girls dressed in an inflatable Santa suit. Absolutely classic! I got a lovely present - luckily I'm really easy to buy for and was given a gorgeous necklace from Next. Another person took the whole ten pound limit very seriously and gave their giftee . . . a ten pound note in an envelope.**

I know Secret Santa is always a bit of a hit-or-miss affair -and people probably deep down WOULD prefer the money - but that sort of takes the fun out of it . . .

*You're wondering why I had bedsocks in the office, right? About a year ago, I stepped in a massive puddle on the way to work and got my feet ridiculously wet. All day long I rued the fact I had no thick fluffy socks to warm my feet up. So I made sure I always did from then on . . .

**I felt a bit sorry for the guy who got the ten pounds as he had ran into town on his lunchbreak to get HIS person a present - and did a pretty damn good job of it . . . even though he was still wrapping it (badly!) ten seconds before "Santa" started giving out the presents!


  1. I remember reading a post you wrote about how you started taking an extra pair of socks to work because of puddles.


    <3 Knikki

    ps. that competition was a fix. your sock was waaaay more original than the stockings. :)

  2. LOL that is hilarious!

  3. At least your sock was original! I'm sure Santa gets sick of red stockings! ;p

  4. The first were roses, then carnations, and then my kids bought me a poinsettia and two other kinds I don't know the name of!

    Have some virtual flowers *-> *->

  5. I love your stocking PP, they definitely don't take your artistic skills into account!

  6. I am so glad that you have an extra pair of socks in your drawer finally

  7. Oh excellent...I just love your sock entry, I laughed so hard, your sense of humour is right up my street!


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