Saturday, 6 December 2008


So the other day I was kinda bored. And I was talking to my friend V and finally figured "okay, probably about time I went back to my desk." As I did so, I had this urge to just ruffle my male colleague's hair on the way past . . . you know, since touching things is fun* and all.

He kinda jumped. This was probably justified, he probably wasn't expecting it. "What did you do that for?" he asked.

I shrugged. "Just felt like it."

For some reason this lead the three of us onto discussing the hair belonging to the temp in our department. It's cool, very spiky. This discussion was fairly loud, as I was back at my own desk by this time.

"Seriously though," I asked. "How does he get it to stay up?"

Sudden silence as I realised what I had said. And what it SOUNDED like . . .

Once again, my foot-in-mouth syndrome strikes.

*Okay, okay, I KNOW that clip is immature as fuck. But I couldn't help but laugh at it. Sorry!!!


  1. Perfect "that's what she said" moment!!!

  2. That's an easy one to answer: lots of female ego boosting.

    We're still talking about his penis, right?

  3. hahahahahaha. it's hilarious when things sound sexual.

    like me at work...i've definitey told collegues to uh, "give it to me" HAHA.

  4. hahah, I watched it! Yes, it is immature, but I laughed a lot! :D Indeed, touching things is fun!


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