Tuesday, 9 December 2008


So yesterday I read this article on the diet.com website. Here is its introductory paragraph. I think it will sum up the content quite nicely . . .

"This article has the potential of overpopulating an overpopulated world but let the facts be known. Did you know that having sex three times a week burns the same calories as running about several miles per week?"

After reading it, two words sprung to mind.

Bite. Me.*

Once again, a strike-out for the single girl. Because if you're a) not with anyone and b) not really interested in anyone and c) not really up for one-night-stands**, then basically . . . it sounds like you're going to get fat.

Unless you get a lot of far less fun exercise!!!

And it gets even more annoying. Because not only does it burn calories, apparently sex also boosts your immune system and relieves stress.

(I don't necessarily require much help with the first, but the stress part . . . man, this explains soooo much.)

So I'm missing out on using up 170 calories an hour just because I'm single???

Again . . . bite me.

The upside though??? 170 calories AN HOUR??? I have to do it for AN HOUR???

Man, I'm not sure I'd have the energy for that . . .

Cheer-Me-Up-Tuesday time (based on my earlier post, you can probably tell I definitely need this . . .)

So for your viewing pleasure, two clips from one of my favourite episodes of "Scrubs". Hope you enjoy . . .

*Not literally. I don't really like that.

** Although apparently, also according to the article, it's only non-promiscuous sex which is good for you - promiscuity has the opposite effect. Hmmm . . .


  1. hugs...
    lots and lots of them...
    know exactly what you are going through , and know how much it sucks!

  2. Hang on, i go to the gym for an hour and burn off about 750 calories...so that would be about 5.5 hours of sex! good god that's ridiculous

  3. would it be inappropriate to carry this article around in my pocket and present to girls I meet at bars?

    what? don't give me that look. it's totally cause i'm too broke to afford a gym. i swear

  4. Hahahaha. At least you respect yourself enough not to have one night stands... Gross!

    The article makes sense to me. It says that sex relieves stress. That seems logical because after you orgasm all the tension is released from your body. Then it says it improves your immune system. That's connected to relaxing. If you have sex regularly then you're more relaxed. When you're more relaxed you're not depressed and sad and worried which can definitely hurt your immune system. And then of course the question of weight loss is always fun. You don't have to have sex for hours to burn calories. Actually just orgasming helps because it speeds up your metabolism. It's kinda like a catalyst for calorie burning.


  5. i just copied and pasted that and sent it to my wife.


  6. I just mentally calculated the number of extra miles I need to run to compensate for my lack of action. BOOOOOO!

  7. I just watched this episode of scrubs on TV yesterday!!

    Oh and that article is so lame. Really, who has sex for hours? Ok, I know people do...but I'm not one of them. Who has time for that? I'm too busy watching TV and doing stuff.

  8. Yeah, no one has sex for an hour. Even the best sex gets boring and ouchy at that point!!!

  9. Promiscuity probably leads to the eating of more ice cream...

  10. Running several miles? Bullshit. I mean, really good sex can work up a sweat, but come on. And yeah, an hour? Who the hell wrote this article?!?


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