Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Last night I learned I really DON'T have a face for radio. Or a VOICE for that matter . . .

I went to see what goes on at my friend's hospital radio show. He already has two sidekicks in the form of two of my other mates but I have demanding to see what is going on there for months (my badgering is fairly sporadic and usually influenced by alcohol) but finally I managed to pin down a time and place (and a lift there) and got there.

I didn't really say much. Funnily enough, although I generally am fairly good at general banter, the minute a microphone is nearby? I freeze. Perhaps it would be different if alcohol was involved, but I was stone cold sober. Eventually, to save face, I chalked my relative silence up to the fact that the microphone was too far away and I was too lazy to lean over. So they moved it in front of me. Then I realised it wasn't laziness that was the problem, it was sheer nerves. Despite the fact that my friend claimed no one was actually listening, the presence of the microphone made me shy!

I wouldn't mind going back, but as more of a watcher than a participant I think. It was funny to witness, it's just my own funniness dried up. Oh well . . . now you know for DEFINITE that I'm not always funny. I know you thought it was just me being modest . . . but it's true!!! ;)

Anyway, random question for you. Let's see if you know the answer . . .

Question: If you go to a pub quiz and discover the pub quiz apparently isn't on, what do you do???

Think carefully.

Okay. You decided???

If you answered "Get drunk, of course!" or anything along those lines, then you're my kinda person.

Two more sleeps until Christmas! WOOHOO!!! :)

I'm glad this isn't MY workplace . . .


  1. I don't know if I'm your kind of person..you should answer this: Do you get drunk for Xmas?

  2. I answer most questions with "get drunk", hence why we get along splendidly:)

  3. It's my pub's quiz tonight. Drunkenness happens whether it's on or not!

  4. Alcohol is lovely, nice, kind and tasty...sorry, I had to comment that :P

  5. OMG THAT VIDEO WAS HILARIOUS. I cracked up the entire time.

    No but seriously, I don't like holidays or anything, but FUCK YOU to anyone who takes offense someone saying Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah.

    <3 Knikki

  6. Nice video, good pick me up this morning.

    Gotta have a few drinks for christmas...nothing too crazy. Gotta save that for New years eve!

  7. heheh my first answer within the second was
    "well I am there for the beer anyway, the pub quiz is just an excuse to drink beer on weekday"

  8. muaha drunkeness! Got to loov it!

    Video was so funny! haha ty for sharing :) just starting a mini blog catch up so my comments may be a lil behind the times for now! Hope you had a merry xmas *hiccup!* xx


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