Monday, 8 December 2008


The Christmas Marks and Spencers advert does my head in. Why? It's cheesy, it's twee, it has a bunch of so-called "celebs" in it I don't really care about and . . . oh I don't even know what else. It just annoys me, okay???

If you haven't watched it, please feel free. I've embedded it below (perhaps you've noticed???) I decided it might be fun to add my own commentary underneath the video though. Just cos I felt like it . . .

0:02 - "NEWSFLASH! Take That's Howard Donald in possessed hand shocker!!!"
0:08 - "Why yes, it WAS a purple leopard . . ."
0:26 - "Yes I realise I'm not really wearing much while everyone else is fully dressed but I AM an underwear model, after all . . ."
0:37 - "Dammit, you've caught me - I buy the world's most boring presents!"
0:41 - "NEWSFLASH! Take That's Howard Donald in third leg shocker!"
0:45 - "Ooops sorry for hitting you with the snowball - I didn't recognise you with your clothes on!"
0:50 - "Oooh I shouldn't have twirled around like that, I think I'm going to puke now. Blurgh." (the last part is off camera of course . . . )
1:00 - "Yes, I just don't understand how I didn't get into dance school either . . . "
1:02 - Twiggy estimates how much bigger she has gotten since her 60s-skinny-heyday . . .
1:04 - "Oh no, you're THIS much bigger!!!"
1:08 - "Hey girls, how do you fancy being backing dancers on Take That's latest tour???"
1:17 - "When I'm not starring in M & S adverts I wear a onesie. Shhh, don't tell anyone."
1:30 - "When I hold this present to my ear, I can hear the sea!!!"
1:38 - "I think this bra might be a little too small for me . . ."
1:43 - "Yes, goodbye, you've suffered enough. Oh and no matter how hard you try, you won't experience a perfect Christmas like ours."

See why it annoys me?

Mind you, it's good for poking fun at . . . :)


  1. Is that a commerical? It's soooo long!

    What's with the part where the chick is creeping around in her bra?

  2. Ya what the heck WAS that? Hilarious - no wonder it annoys you!

  3. Firstly. If I was a bbc producer I would give you your own TV commentary show.

    Secondly. Why oh why? are these people even celebrating christmas together in the first place?

  4. muahaha love the cometary! What comedy!


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