Monday, 1 December 2008


The Good . . .
  • I managed a workout once I got home tonight
  • I had some of the home-made pizza I made yesterday left for my lunch and it was as amazing as I remembered. The true mark of a good pizza? If you can eat it cold and it still tastes good . . .
  • The day wasn't quite as hectic as I expected it to be
  • I definitely feel SLIGHTLY more well than I have in the past week or so (thank you cranberry juice!)
  • This song makes me smile - it's a bit old, but sweet. In fact, I'm loving the whole album this song came from right now.
  • I have the Stereophonics gig to look forward to tomorrow

  • A nice rant to my mum about my crappy day
  • Some good text conversations with a couple of good friends

The Bad . . .

  • I couldn't leave work until five, which meant my night felt soooo much shorter. (it's incredible the difference finishing an hour later than usual makes)
  • Despite the fact that I planned to get up later than usual today (due to my later finish), I STILL managed to sleep in.
  • The insole tried to escape from my trainer on the way to work (more of an annoyance than anything else, but the nuisance things can be a big contribution to the badness of one's day . . .) Probably my punishment from borrowing trainers off my sis a year ago and never giving them back cos I liked them too much!!!
  • I fell on my arse on the way off the pedestrian bridge around the corner from work (due to the iciness).
  • It hurt.
  • THEN I nearly fell over again two seconds after I struggled back to my feet!!!
  • The usual office you're-not-good-enough-and-never-will-be politics.
  • I'm almost completely skint and wondering how I'll afford to have ANY sort of social life, let alone four days worth of taxis - perhaps I should just move back to my parents and declare bankruptcy now???
  • Nearly falling over AGAIN on the way home (mainly because I appear to have become immensely un-coordinated overnight)


  1. ok so i know this will be hard to believe but i don't like cold pizza. never have never will. i like it hot.

  2. aw not a great day but there was some positive stuff in there at least ey and mmmm pizza!

  3. Oh man, I hope the iciness goes away soon. That sounds dangerous!! Glad you are feeling better too, kidney infections are scary and painful!

  4. every day has its goods and bads ..

  5. i hate wipeouts!

  6. awwww stinks you fell! have anymore of that pizza left to console yourself?

  7. I;m glad you are feeling better. Every time I get sick I always say the same thing, "Man, it really sucks being sick." I am brilliant, I know.

  8. How much do I love cold pizza? A hell of a lot.

  9. ick, sorry you weren't feeling well but i'm glad you're feeling at least a bit better!


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