Saturday, 13 December 2008


Earlier on today I was thinking about all the millions of times we went on road trips as kids - pretty much all the holidays we had were in the UK so we spent a lot of time travelling in our car from Scotland down to England and Wales. The place we went most often, in South Devon, took about nine hours to get to. There's a lot of music-listening to be had in that time, and given he was driving my dad generally got to play dj and choose the music. This is why I still like the following songs . . .

Are there any songs you still have stuck in your head from childhood?


  1. I don't recall the first and fourth video at all, but the Beach Boys and The Bangles songs are absolute classics.

    And as for my early childhood songs - the Pet Shop Boys and Queen spring to my mind; I still love both of them today! :0)

  2. I particularly remember our holiday on Elba (Italy), we spent the whole week driving back and forth to the hospital, cause my mum went into labour two months early. I insisted on the same mixed tape every time and I think dad got a bit tired of Cher & Pat Benatar that week ;-)

    If he hadn't insisted we listen to the whole tape, I'd have just played 'Dark Lady' and 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves' all week...

  3. My dad ALWAYS made us listen to what he wanted when he drove. There was NO messing around with his tunes. Especially when it came to us driving to Colorado every winter to go skiing. It was because of these 6 hour road trips as a child that I have love for Jimi Hendrix and The Doors.

    Everytime I hear Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing" I think of my dad and those road trips to the

    not really your average "family" music! haha

  4. The Eagles! Being that all Australian holidays involve a roadtrip, we listened to a lot of music too, and the Eagles were on my dad's playlist aswell.

    Also included:
    * Dr Hook
    * Meatloaf
    * Roy Orbison
    * Various country artists

    But hell, you gotta love you some Eagles!

  5. I remember songs from The mum would always sing "Let it be" for example...and..ermm, when I think about my childhood I..haha, think about Jem's song and Silver Hawks :P

  6. Omg, the first video really creeps me out! lol

  7. Good songs all. I especially like the last.

  8. OMG some great memories flooding back there- the first 4 videos are absolute classics, Senza Una Donna made me actually laugh out loud, that's too funny your dad loves that song! We used to listen to the Beatles Revolver album on rotation all the way up to our holidays in Scotland- we probably passed you coming the other way!

  9. Have to say that I prefer the original version of California Dreamin'.

    I'm with Daisy on Revolver, an album I still love to this day.

    We also used to listen to Paul Simon quite a bit in the car:

    Fortunately I didn't have too much 80's cheese imposed on me during my childhood.

  10. Nik Kershaw! Oh I love him. Thanks for this reminder I must go and add him to some sort of playlist.

    One song that sticks with me is King's Love and Pride. I used to sing it with my aunt in the car all the time.


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