Sunday, 7 December 2008


I love Christmas. Have I mentioned that before??? (Quite possibly!)

I don't like the fact that the Christmas stuff starts appearing in the shops in the middle of September, mind you. But once December arrives, then for me it's all about the presents, Christmas songs, Christmas films ( . . . and the guilt that I haven't kept Christ in Christmas and am a commerical sellout, but whatever!). I love the Christmas lights, the Christmas atmosphere . . . although I try to avoid the shops at this time. Too many people for my liking and I have waaaayyyy too much pavement rage to handle not killing anyone.

I have a feeling I'm not going to enjoy this Christmas as much as last Christmas. Although it's good being single from the point of view that it's one less present I need to stress about, it's also a time to feel especially lonely I guess. Because, let's face it, Christmas is all about the togetherness. Good thing I'm naturally a loner anyway, or it would probably sting more, right??? :) I'll probably either end up spending my time off either by retreating to my room with a bunch of dvds, many books and my internet connection for company, or going in completely the opposite direction and socialising as much as possible. Right now, the first option sounds the most desirable. I know I'll definitely be missing a certain person more than usual though. But that's what happens I guess . . .

On the upside, that's me pretty much completed my Christmas shopping. Just a couple of odds and ends left to get. So I decided I'd share a bit more of it with you.

This necklace is from the same etsy shop I got the strawberry necklace and strawberry shortcake bracelet from.

Next up, I bought these books from Amazon as part of my mum's present. I had the first book before myself and loved it - I don't have it anymore, guess I loaned it to someone and never got it back; I'm not sure who. Anyway, it's basically this dude who sends made-up letters of complaint to the airlines, and gets into the most ridiculous of conversations, it made me laugh so much I thought my mum would love it. While I was buying it I noticed the author Terry Ravenscroft had "Dear Customer Services" too, which is basically along a similar premise just a bit more broad in spectrum. So I figured I might as well buy the two. Hopefully she'll like them. :)From Pressies 4 Princesses , every person into alcohol should own at least one drinking game, right??? And from the same site . . . I have to say, I'd quite like one of these martini glasses myself!A lovely necklace from asos. Under a tenner as well. I always like a pretty bargain . . . This is part of my Secret Santa present - also from asos. I hate buying Secret Santa presents although at least this time I got someone who is a friend anyway. It's still a guessing game though. I thought this was a nice set myself so hoping she likes it too . . .

From Firebox, some sparkling vodka. Looks nice . . .

And also, some beer bottle goblets. Pretty cool, right? It's the Grolsch ones I purchased. As well as them and the Sol ones pictured you can also get Corona ones.


  1. Oooh, those necklaces are cute! And teh bber bottle goblets are quite a clever idea...

    I've done all my christmas shopping too ( although i did mine in the shops ) and everything is already wrapped and under my tree. I wonder if i can convince my sister to let me open just one little present early - like today maybe ?

  2. I LOVE pavement rage as I have a buggy and ram everyone out of my way! muahahaha!

    lovet eh gifts, what a pwitty lil cocktail glass :) love it! x

  3. I think I can safely conclude you have enough Christmas cheer for the both of us! :0) You made a good call with the DC video btw - it's one of the few Christmas songs I actually like, so it must be okay! :p

  4. wow you really are good with the pressies, there are two kinds of xmas shoppers. the ones who like you who plan and spend good time shopping for bits and pieces, and then those horrible ones like me who suddenly on the 20th realizes how fast time has gone by and still bought no pressies. I cant believe its like the 8th already. it goes by so fast.

  5. Ack, I bought one of those Lolita glasses at a street fair last year. They sold us on how they were so unique, etc. and now they are everywhere! But they are super adorable, so I can't be too bummed I guess...just have to be happy in the fact that at least my street fair find was a limited edition one haha!


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