Friday, 26 December 2008


It's weird but no matter how much I enjoy Christmas Day, there's always this tiny element of sadness there. I guess because after the weeks of excitement, of anticipation, it is all over in day. But there you go . . .

Anyway, I thought I would sum up the day with some pics of the gifts I received and my family. Excited? I bet you are! ;)

The above card was courtesy of my sister and brother-in-law. It made me laugh anyway! Plus the kitten is damn adorable! (Also, it's weird but the bow looks three dimensional in the pic, doesn't it? Like it's just been stuck to the outside of the card? It's not though!)

An Urban Decay eyeshadow set (I've been coveting one of these for ages and my sis knew it!) and a Radley umbrella (I managed to leave my umbrella at the work xmas night out last weekend, so not only is this practical, it's damn pretty too!)

People know me too well. Not one but TWO Soap & Glory (my favourite toiletry range) sets AND some cocktail flavour bath goodies too!
Oh yes, and the alcohol??? (Is it possible someone is trying to tell me something?) A bottle of rose, a bottle of white and several small bottles of wine also! (Something tells me I'm going to be drunk for a significant part of my time off) Not to mention some items of clothing. The iron, by the way, was NOT a present. Just thought I'd point that out . . .
The most bling-est piggy bank in the world??? I think so anyway! Awesome, right? I love it.

I didn't even NEED new slippers (I have about five pairs) but these slipper boots are unbelievably soft and fluffy. I guess you can never have too many pairs . . .

A couple of dvds courtesy of my brother. I gave him a choice of things I wanted and he just picked two to buy me.

Someone's trying to make me fat . . .

After unwrapping THIS particular present, the conversation went something like this . . .
Me: Mum, you wrapped up a packet of spaghetti carbonara???
Mum: (confused) Yes of course! It IS you who likes it, right?
Me: Well, yeah but . . . YOU WRAPPED IT UP IN WRAPPING PAPER???
Mum: It's a present!
Brother: It could be worse. She gave me the inside cardboard part of a toilet roll!
Me: What????
Mum: Well I needed to put the tube of condensed milk in SOMETHING to make it easy to wrap.
Me: You gave him a tube of condensed milk as a present?
At that point, I kinda gave up.

And now for some pics from the day at my parent's house. They were all taken after dinner. Which, incidentally, was an equally random affair. No roast turkey and all the trimmings for us. We were served a buffet meal which featured, in no particular order:
  • bolognese
  • curry (with no meat in it)
  • mini sausage rolls
  • roast potatoes
  • chips
  • chicken legs
  • slices of roast beef
  • potato croquettes
  • white rice
  • pasta spirals
  • home-made individual steak pies
  • spicy onions

Don't get me wrong, it was delicious. Just one of the strangest Christmas meals I've ever had.

Anyhoo . . .

Here's my sis and her hubby competing in Mario and Sonic Olympic Games. Apparently my sister gets very competitive playing computer games . . .

Me and my mum, prior to the Spaghetti Carbonara conversation . . .

Me and the brother . . .
Getting my drink on (well, there was a whole bottle of rose wine up for grabs and I seemed to be the only person drinking it!)

My sis tries unsuccessfully to hide from the camera...

. . . but not for long! HA!!!

Later on, after my sis and her hubby had left for the in-laws family festivities, me, my parents, brother and granda sat around for a bit telling inappropriate jokes. Unfortunately half of the jokes weren't just inappropriate in terms of JOKES, they were just inappropriate in terms of the fact that there seemed to be a lot of mention of death. Which I was trying to keep the conversation away from due to the whole first-Christmas-without-my-Gran situation. Instead, I told the only jokes I could think of - my favourite blonde joke, and a few INCREDIBLY bad Michael Jackson jokes (along the lines of "Why did Michael Jackson place a call to Boyz II Men? He thought it was a delivery service." and things like that.)
Anyway, after that, I went back to my flat and spent the rest of the night browsing the online sales. I've picked myself up quite a few bargains and planning to check them out again today. Man, it is SOOO much easier than putting myself through the real life sales . . . which would DEFINITELY bring my pavement rage out in full force!

Hope you all had a good Christmas!!! :)


  1. the bling piggie bank is too cute, love it. the soapy stuff too. i love the soapy bath stuff.

  2. I'm with Chele. That piggy bank is the best. And your mom is officially my hero.

  3. Awesome presents Paula, I love the little suitcase! everything is perfect actually! It's so funny, we were wearing similar clothes, I'll post a picture :P

  4. Aww, your mom is adorable. Awesome presents! Looks like you had a good Christmas :)!

  5. What a great bunch of gifts! That is an adorable pic of you and your mom!!!

  6. All day, at my workplace, we would say to each other, "Happy Boxing Day!", and then begin to shadowbox one another.

    It never stopped being funny.

  7. oh i love this! what a brill xmas!! I am so envious :o0 I enjoyed the piccies too, thanks for sharing x


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