Saturday, 1 November 2008


My head hurts a bit.

Not a massive amount but enough to annoy me. I should be grateful it doesn't hurt more though given how much alcohol I injested last night. Copious cups of punch which apparently contained every type of alcohol you could imagine, numerous vodka jellies, rose wine and even a tutti frutti aftershock (although I think I just sipped at that then gave the rest away - how generous of me!)
No, surprisingly enough, this wasn't just a regular Friday night for me. I was at Hallowe'en party in the southside of Glasgow. The flat was brilliantly decorated, I had a great laugh (apart from the point where we had to watch Lee Evans on tv - I REALLY don't get why people find him funny) and I got away with not wearing a costume!!! I'm bad at costumes but I am the proud owner of a fairy wand, so I decided to do a twist on last year's undercover fairy costume (ie regular clothes with my wand in my bag) and be a fairy with an identity crisis instead. This involved me wearing the purple dress I bought in Miss Selfridge last week that I hadn't had a chance to wear yet with some cool tights and heels while carrying my wand. Oh and as a nod to Hallowe'en, I had some little pumpkin hairclips in my hair which one of my flatmates loaned me.

Unfortunately there wasn't exactly a plethora of hot single guys waiting for me when I got there. There was one single guy who was fairly cute and I chatted to him for a bit; he was a nice guy but I guess I just didn't feel anything. He probably didn't either. Oh well, the search for a man and/or a crush continues I suppose . . .

Anyway, I'm very glad I'm not more hungover as I have quite a few things to do today . . .

  • Lunch with the girls
  • Going to the Good Food Show at the SECC
  • Some drinks in the pub
  • Another Hallowe'en party

I'll probably also have another post up later. Woohoo, are you excited? I know I am . . .

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  1. Sounds like a delightful day ahead of you.

    Awesome costume idea- I didn't have any halloween parties to go this year - mostly because I'm battling sickness. I'm sure alcohol will make me feel better for the bit, but I know its not quite worth the uber hangover thats bound to occur :)


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