Wednesday, 26 November 2008


*Yep, I'm blatantly stealing lines from this song - did you guess???

I'm just trying to get ready for a mini-night out and after today I think I desperately need some entertainment and alcohol. Anyway, in the meantime, I leave you with this - a snippet of an email from my mum where she is discussing trying to buy me underwear for my Christmas. It made me smile anyway . . .

Seriously, there are hardly any thongs in the shops. They all seem to be tiny mini-hot pant - boxer thingies. They have lots of frills which would make for a very visible VPL. There are also loads of old-fashioned real pants aka granny knickers (a la Bridget Jones or yours truly). What's going on out there in the real world? Are folk fed up with knickers that don't fulfil the purpose of their existence ie to catch the drips? Anyway, I wasted a lot of time trying to guess.

She's quite the comedian, my mum . . . :)


  1. "to catch the drips"- just when I thought your post headline made my day, your mom said that.

  2. the drips??? Bwahhahahahaha, I choked when I read that!

  3. "mini-hot pant - boxer thingies"! I wear those all the time! Tell your mum they're supercool and the new thong! (well, thongs are comfortable too, and you need to wear them with some kinds of trousers anyway..) :D
    I like your mum Paula :D

  4. You HAVE to submit this to


  5. also, i gave you an award today

  6. lol at your mom. I guessed the song right away.

  7. Oh my lord. Catch the drips. Ah! I think I died!

  8. Oh my word! That is classic from your Mum- I totally agree with her by the way, I'm so a granny pants girl myself!

  9. Heh. Muuuuuum! That's brilliant.

  10. A) being from across the "pond" I truly enjoy knickers as a alternative to underware.
    B) I am glad not being alone wondering about how to avoid VPL with the new trendy knickers!

  11. Haha, does your mum know you post this on the internet? Very funny.

  12. andy - i'm glad it made your day. it made mine too. :)

    LL - i hope your choking experience wasn't too awful!

    thrice - i'm sure she'd like you too. :)

    jd - thank you very much!!! :)

    ashley - it seemed a very fitting song under the circumstances . . .

    angela - i guess dying of laughing is probably a better death than anything else!

    daisy - i'm more of a thong girl myself but can see the appeal of granny pants too!

    pardonmyenglish - thank you, on my mum's behalf!

    mous - knickers is a great word isn't it???

    lct - yes, er, of course she does... :(

  13. I adore the fact that your mom uses the abbreviation VPL. How hip is she?


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