Monday, 24 November 2008


When you're feeling uninspired, it's always good when you are inspired by someone else in the blogosphere. Like when Agent Elle blogged about her superpowers a few weeks back, I said back then I wanted to write a post based on her post.

Mainly the superpowers I MYSELF would love to possess . . .

There are a couple admittedly. The ability to fly would be good (like a bird, not ON a plane). As would being able to time-travel. Invisibility? Yeah, within reason (there's certain scenarios I would probably not want to stumble across . . . I don't even want to think about what these are . . . )

But the main power I would like???

The ability to read minds.


Guys' minds.

Think Mel Gibson's ability in "What Women Want" but swapped to the male of the species.

Think how much easier my life would be . . .

I would understand why certain guys treated me the way they did.

I wouldn't have to worry about whether a guy I liked fancied me back. I could find out easily, just by reading his mind. Interested? I could make a move or incite HIM to make the move first, playing against his own feelings and forcing him into my very own pleasurable form of "Check-mate". Indecisive? I could find out WHY, and work him around (if I so desired). Completely UNinterested??? I could try to accept it and move on.

I would be able to see the inward reaction to each one of my moves. The outer appearance can be misleading . . . I would see to the very core.

I'd be able to read the nuances in each and every comment made, the meaning of each and every syllable sent via email, or text. I'd know the exact meaning . . . of everything.

It would be FABULOUS.

Or would it . . .?

I'd like to think it would be. It certainly would be the easy way out.

But ultimately . . . I guess it would make life faaaarrrr less interesting.

Because isn't part of the fun the guessing???

The taking the risk???

Maybe having superpowers isn't all it's cracked up to be . . .


  1. Ah yes, superpowers are great in theory, but I don't want to imagine how wrong they could go! Lol.

  2. I think most powers end up being both a blessing and a curse...

  3. Yeah, it would make things a little easier, but what if you ended up reading a guy's mind and finding out something you didn't want to know! Yikes!

  4. The power of mind reading the opposite sex?

    You and me both, sister.

  5. I'm too weak to have that power, I'd be crying all day long. What I would love having is the power to teleport. I'd also like to have the power to freeze people when I'm angry.
    This pin cushion queen would like to have the abbility of freezing her own heart as well. haha, I don't know what happened, I'm in a bad mood now hahah

  6. hmmm good one! I think I like this, but I agree that I am probably not strong enough to handle all the mean or disturbing things people would think.

    Could we edit the power to only activate when we needed it?

  7. I would love to possess superpowers, but I am sure I would abuse it to a dangerous extent

  8. Ooh, I think it would be good for the first few days, and then it would get very irritating! And in the long-term ... always knowing your "surprises" etc - grrr! (unless this superpower comes with a handy off-switch, then that could work!)! :0)

  9. With great power comes great resonsibility. I have often thought to myself ' man I hope she doesn't know what I am thinking.'.

  10. I always wanted to be able to stop time by touching my index fingers together (like Evie in the 1980's TV show "Out of This World")

  11. LCT - yeah i suppose that's true . . .

    angela - right now i think ANYTHING that gives me an edge would be ideal - and reading minds would DEFINITELY give me an edge!!!

    angela - think how interesting it would be though. you'd instantly know whether someone was a sicko or not!

    so@24 - we could try and develop a way to be able to read minds together if you want? some sort of potion perhaps??

    thrice - what would you do to the person after you froze them?

    bethis - perhaps there is some sort of switch. does that work for you?

    chele - hell, aint that the POINT?

    elle - yep, it can be used as needed!

    pj - so what ARE you thinking???

    ms r - that would be kinda cool...


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