Sunday, 2 November 2008


. . . regarding the incident in the early hours of yesterday morning at the flat across the road. Don't know what the heck went on there. Apparently, the other flatmate who was in on Friday night though heard a woman screaming really loudly at some point and then a while later looked out her window and saw a guy sitting on the doorstep with his head in his hands. Think she's going to the police about it now she knows something happened and feels really bad that she never did anything at the time.

That's the thing though - it's hard to know what you yourself would do in these kind of situations. After all, it was Hallowe'en, the night of ghosts and ghouls and loads of screaming. You're probably not gonna think "oh that's something serious." If I phoned the police everytime I heard some screaming outside my window, then I would have been arrested a long time ago!

The freaky thing is that as far as my flatmate remembers, the incident, whatever it was, DID happen at about ten to two. So I DID miss whatever it was by mere minutes. I'm not sure whether I'm relieved about this or not. It's definitely a bit scary, especially when we still don't actually know what happened!!! But I really hope the victim is okay. When something happens literally on your own doorstep like this, it really hits home.

In my online search to see if I could find out if anything was in the news about that incident, I discovered a headline about a 13 year old Somalian girl who was stoned to death for being gang-raped. Seriously. I mean, what the fuck?? She goes through the traumatic experience of being raped - not by one man, but by THREE! - works up the courage to report the incident (which, as we all know, is something girls sometimes can't bring themselves to do), and is then sentenced to death for committing "adultery".

There is something seriously fucked up with the world, that's all I can say. Talk about being an innocent victim - what happened to the guys who raped her? Have they escaped scot-free? Been hailed as heroes? God knows, but when the victim of the rape ends up being sentenced to death, then perhaps the criminals themselves are seen as being good . . . It's so depressing, isn't it?


And last but not least . . .

This isn't actually funny, but the comments on the article DID amuse me a little. This was something else that struck home with me a little as I was in Lanzarote myself last October and the hotel was just along from the end of the runway at Arrecife airport so we used to go and watch the planes land for a bit at night. No one was hurt in this incident thankfully - despite the fact they say you're more likely to be in a car crash than an aeroplane crash, there's been way too many of both recently.


  1. Over the summer I heard a woman and I child screaming at the top of their lungs in the middle of the night. It sounded like the woman got slapped really badly, and I called the police. But, like you said, it's kind of a tough situation to do.

  2. It is a hard decision to make. As you probably read, I now have to testify in court for stopping and calling 9-1-1 at a situation. I'm still glad I did, but I can see how having to go through the whole drawn out process would make you less inclined to be a good samaritan in the future!

  3. I'm glad you noted the 13 year old girl story. I hadn't commented on it, only because it's hard to say anything without vomiting.

    I want everyone to have the right to practice their religion in peace, just like I have the right to practice my own in peace.

    But any religion or culture that finds this sort of thing anything less than utterly monstrous...well, you've cashed in your chips and left the table. When you're prepared to act like humans, we'll let you buy back in.

  4. Man that's an awful story. It's hard to comprehend how anybody could even begin to think that that is right.

  5. scary stuff, stay safe hon.

  6. It's hard to believe we still stone people to death. Stone people. It's 2008, and there are parts in the world that have people killing people using rocks, over something that wasn't the person's fault.


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