Friday, 21 November 2008


Sorry, but this is a "Friends" related post. But don't worry - it'll be quick!!!

I promise!!!

How many times do we see the cast of "Friends" with other people? The odd girlfriend/boyfriend, fair enough. (Although considering they seem to date one ANOTHER more often than they date "external candidates", that's few and far between). The odd colleague in work, put there for either entertainment purposes or to add something to the particular plot - occasionally.

But let's face it, more often than not, they either hang out in Central Perk or in Monica's apartment . . . with each other.

They don't seem to make an effort to make friends with anyone else - except for the purpose that they want a shag.

They seem surprised if one of them even IMPLY they may have an external friend.

So . . . why is it, that when they have parties, so many people seem to come???

Last time there was a party in MY flat, we could barely manage a couple of friend apiece.

Arseholes . . .

NB. Please note I AM aware that, no matter how much I may adore "Friends", it is more-than-a-little unrealistic and these party attendees are mainly just extras. Who are PAID to attend. This post was for entertainment purposes only. Although I'm not sure it served THAT purpose either . . .

Okay, I'm off to get drunk now in preparation of my night out. Or should that be DRESSED . . .?


  1. This is true. You couldn't help but wonder: who the hell are all these people??!

    Also. The song that came on your music player started with a sexual moan. Hard to cover THAT up at work.

    Damn you, autoplay...

  2. I used tho think the same thing, like who are these people??

  3. I've always laugh at that... they don't know those people and they know that too! they're just people from work.
    Joey knows some people, but he'd rather get laid, right?
    Chandler knows people from work, but no one can stand him :P (although I love him)
    Ross...there are never paleonthologists at their parties..
    Phoebe might know some crazy fellows...but they attended the Halloween party, right?
    Maybe they're Rachel's friends..

  4. I know! That's one of the things I love most about Friends- the random extras. They're always really funny looking dorky people too- like Gunther! And if you've watched enough of it, like me, you start to RECOGNISE the random extras, and see the same people say, sitting behind them at the Hootie concert as at Rachel's birthday party.

  5. Ben - apologies!!! What song was it???

    Chele - Exactly!!! :)

    Thrice - Many MANY good points there, hehe! See, I hadn't even got THAT into detail in my thoughts. Perhaps you should do a post on it too??? :)

    Daisy - I've watched it loads but apparently I need to watch it from a new angle. The Hootie concert was on E4 just the other day and I never noticed!!! And I call myself a "Friends" fan . . .

    To all - yes, I've finally started commenting on my comments again. As of now . . .

  6. Well, when we have parties I usually invite "work friends" who aren't real friends and also those friends that you don't really hang out with much or ever for that matter and by inviting them to the party you can feel like you are still making an effort.

  7. They do reuse extras, I've noticed that too. And sometimes they come back as members of the cast, don't they? Like in Episode 206 -
    The One With The Baby On The Bus. Pheebs is busking outside Central Perk. Then that bloke accidentally throws a condom in her guitar case, and it's her Brother Frank Jr.

    (I don't get out much)

  8. It seems that Phoebe is the only one with real friends. She knows the couple who adopted the kid. She knows the people with the birthing tape. She has a roommate (DENISE!) who know one seems to know about. And in one episode, she even says something along the lines of "Oh, I'm sorry I have friends outside the 6 of us."

    I may watch too much "Friends"....

  9. ooo good call. and you know what i always notice? why are they never ALONE? i mean, don't they just want to rip out their hair sometimes from ALWAYS having to be around people. can you imagine coming home after a long day at work and having to fuck around with joey and chandler who are on your couch ALL THE TIME? how annoying would that be in real life.

    so yah, friends is weird. point taken.

  10. HAHAHA. good point. so trueee. i love picking apart the logic and finer points of movies/shows i've seen a bazillion times. or even the first time =)

  11. Ms R - Maybe it's just me, I've given up inviting people I don't like to do stuff . . . :)

    Lola - yeah i noticed frank jnr in that episode as well. it annoys me it is never alluded to. just like it annoys me that when phoebe sets rachel up with jon lovitz's character in season nine (?), it's never acknowledged that they had met before, despite the fact he's clearly playing the same character as he was back in season one . . .

    stealthnerd - haha me too. it's ironic she seems to be the one with the most friends though. since she is the one I'm LEAST likely to be friends with!

    bethis - good point. I would kill them!!! if it was me i would lock the door and NEVER have given them a key!!!

    libby - yep, it's fun isn't it??? :)

  12. Well I always assumed they were work friends of Monica, Chandler, and Rachel. With maybe a couple of Phoebe's friends thrown in.

    And I've noticed that Monica, Joey, and Ross (and I assume Phoebe, she's so far away) actually do spend time alone...but Rachel and Chandler are always with someone else.

  13. stacy - looks like you are another "friends" geek, hehe!


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