Wednesday, 5 November 2008


So I promised something a bit more positive tonight and I WILL keep my word. Been venting my frustration all day anyway so I feel like lightening up. So I figured what better way to do so than a favourite things post. Well, strictly speaking it is a meme - I saw it on Lacey's blog and then Maris did it too and did a sort of universal tag . . . so I decided to consider myself tagged!!!

1. Clothes shop - It's a toss-up between Miss Selfridge and Warehouse. I'm definitely more of a quantity than quality girl so I go for Miss Selfridge as the prices are reasonable and Warehouse when I want something slightly more upmarket (ie. ever-so-slightly pricier!). I also like River Island, although not as much as I used to, admittedly. Oooh, and Accessorize for . . . well, d'uh! . . . accessories!

2. Furniture shop - I don't exactly buy a lot of furniture due to the fact I live in a flatshare, but I do have a little penchant for Ikea. And I also like Au Naturale for nice cushions, scented candles and stuff like that!

3. City - I SHOULD say Glasgow but there's a few too many neds for me to love it - oh and obviously the cold weather gets me down a bit. For years it was Paris, but at the moment I think (since I was there most recently) it is Barcelona.

4. Sweets - Reese's Cups. I could eat a million of them, no problem (I'd probably EXPLODE afterwards but it would sooo be worth it . . . ) What else? Walnut Whips (although I always need someone else to eat the walnut), tablet (my mum used to make the most amazing tablet when we were kids) and . . . actually, my mouth is watering so I'd better stop.

5. Drink - Full fat Coke when I'm being naughty. Diet Pepsi or Diet Irn Bru when I'm trying to be NOT-so-naughty. Alcohol wise, I tend to drink either wine (rose or white - I'm not a red fan) or creamy cocktails. Although I'm also partial to a French Martini . . .

6. Music - Slightly eclectic, I go from most r&b, to angst angry music to eighties music. I'm all over the place. The people I'm currently listening to most often at the moment are The Ting Tings, Dragonette (once again, thanks to Jessica Maria for the tip-off!), Gabriella Cilmi, Vanessa Carlton and Sara Bareilles. Oooh, and I'm going to see Stereophonics in December - yee-hah!!!

7. TV -Mainly things that no longer exist - I'm a big fan of revisiting cancelled series of things on dvds while wailing "Why, God, Why???" as I wonder why it had to end. Charmed, Buffy, Angel, Dead Like Me, Tru Calling, Friends (I watch at least two episodes of that a day!), Spaced, The Office (the UK version), Coupling, Arrested Development, Teachers, Will & Grace, SATC . . . What else? Oh Scrubs, of course! Sa,nAnd House is my most recent favourite. Is that too many??? ;)

8. Film - Clueless is, in my opinion, the ultimate film. But I also love Anchorman, Mean Girls, A Time to Kill, Blades of Glory, the first couple of Scary Movie films, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Wayne's World, Hot Fuzz, Saved!, Mallrats, Empire Records, Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion (so stupid it's clever!), Love Actually, The Day After Tomorrow (in fact, MOST disaster movies)

9. Workout - Let's just say I'm not great at any workout. I gave up the gym as I'm not big on exercise. I have sort of taken up running in the last week or two . . . hopefully I can keep myself at that. I also like doing Tae Bo, and have a few of the dvds - kicking and punching really helps release my frustration!

10. Pastries - French Fancy type cakes are my very absolute utmost favourite. Shit, mouth is watering once again . . .

11. Coffee - I don't do coffee. Full stop. Cannot ABIDE the stuff. (Tea neither!) If I'm in a coffee place I'll either do a hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows if possible) or a frappucino-type drink (not coffee flavoured). And to be honest, I'd really prefer wine if it was going. So if you are meeting me, and REALLY want to go for a coffee, do you mind coming to a pub instead??? Pretty please???

I'm going to go the universal tag route too, so if anyone decides to do this, let me know and I'll check it out!!!


I just wanted to apologise for the anger yesterday. I realise I've probably only got myself to blame for it - after all, if something's making me angry, I should rid myself of it, right? So I'm going to have to do the only thing I can really to rid myself of the things and the people who are making me so angry, since nothing seems to be changing no matter how hard I try. So . . . I guess I'm plotting my escape from it all. We'll just have to see what happens with that. I can only hope I can either find something that makes me happier, or that some miracle will cause a drastic change in my current situation. I think the first option, right now, sounds far more realistic!!!


And finally . . . I don't know a lot about politics, I can't even pretend to . . . . but America, I think you made the right decision. I have no doubt McCain would have been a more-than-adequate president (let's face it, he doesn't have much to live up to after the current one) but with Obama . . . I was worried it wasn't going to happen despite all the hype but it did, and the reaction the world over just proves that that the right choice was made.

I hope he can live up to our expectations. :)


  1. Wierd, I had to open the comments in another page to do this! From your music choices I think we're quite similar so i'm going to recommend:
    this Kala by MIA I think you'll like it


  2. My graduation present to myself was the complete Friends DVD series box set. It was sooooo worth it!

  3. I loved Clueless as well!

    And 7. What I like about you, Maybe?

    I miss that one!

  4. Excellent choice with A Time to Kill. Not enough people appreciate that movie in all of its awesomeness

  5. Friends is my all time favorite sitcom that no longer is. I watch at least one episode every day too!

  6. I'm pretty sure I could recite Clueless from beginning to end if you wanted me to.

  7. clueless was good, but i will be in the kitchen munching on those frozen peanut butter cups.

  8. re: diet v. regular sodas . . . I have learned that while I HATE diet anything, I can tolerate half and half, which cuts calories in half and minimizes the chemical aftertaste. Just enough high fructose corn syrup to get me by.

  9. hey dont apologize for anger rants, thats what the blog is here for. good to get it out.

    Hmmm I might do this meme as I am struggling keeping up with me nano yada yad yada posts everyday.

  10. Nummmmm.... Reese's Pieces.
    Have you ever listened to Tegan & Sara?

  11. How can you live in the UK and not drink tea? Blasphemy!

  12. I have it from a realiable source that mr. obama likes reese's pnut buttah cups. So no disappointment in that department, eh?

    As for movies, My Life as a Dog has long been my fave. I know us Americans aren't supposed to like anything European but there ya have it. Sometimes, things just are better from the other side of the pond.


  13. Ooh - I'm going to do this tomorrow!

    I *adore* Clueless - I can probably quote the entire script because I've seen it that many times! *blushes*

  14. OMG, I *love* Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!


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