Friday, 14 November 2008


Remember how I posted this advert on Sunday? (The Barclaycard one where the guy's commute home involved a waterslide if you can't remember or can't be bothered clicking on the link?)

Despite how much fun it is, I had a couple of wonderings about it . . .

1) Won't it be a total bugger to get planning permission?
2) Is that dude the only person who uses it? If so, did he have to pay to get it installed?
3) If not, is he having to pay a fare to use it every day?
4) Since it was pretty apparent that there was a waterslide in the library (it was smack bang in the middle of it) why did it appear to surprise people when the guy appeared on the slide and then got stuck???
5) Since all he was wearing was underwear, where did he keep his Barclaycard?
6) The slide really can only be one-way, right? How does he get to work in the morning?

Thoughts? Any further questions you can think of? Feel free to share...


  1. I agree on every point!

    Those barclay ad makers really didnt think it through!

    How dare they leave us with all these questions lol!

  2. Wow - you definitely over-think things! :p

  3. I so do not want to know where he kept his Barclay!


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