Saturday, 1 November 2008


. . . apparently there was an incident at the flat across the road from us last night and someone was badly hurt. In the last hour or so it's been cordoned off and there's forensic people and stuff outside. Passersby are looking over at it like what the fuck???

Anyway, the police guy wanted to know if we had seen or heard anything last night. Apparently they think the incident, whatever it was, occurred about two am. I got in at quarter to two and witnessed nothing. As far as I'm remember.

Do you know how embarrassing it is to admit to the police that you were too drunk to remember or notice if anything weird was happening???

EXTREMELY embarrassing . . .


  1. Pretty sure I would have just said it was really dark out. Instead of I was pretty hammered officer, so I can't recall. Hope everything is ok.

  2. I wish you were holding your magic fairy wand while talking to the poilice, it just be funny...

  3. Hahaha. Don't worry about it though! You were probably just so drunk that you came home and passed out. I know I did. I think the house could have burned down last night and I wouldn't have noticed.

  4. Dont worry - last weekend a house down the block from me was on fire, had the inside burnt right out.... and i drove past on my way home from the pub and didnt notice a thing. I could have seen flames, i could have smelled smoke - but not a thing.....

  5. Oooh fun that's all CSI and stuff. You should have told them you were too drunk because you were trying to drink away the memories of what you juts did... and then slowly close the door. And then open it back up and say, "Just kidding!"

  6. i love that u admitted that to the police ha ha haha!!!


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