Sunday, 23 November 2008


My brain doesn't always quite engage with my mouth. You may be aware of this already. Especially if you know me.

Occasionally the connection between both IS made . . . it doesn't always make a difference though. Quite often I STILL end up saying the wrong thing.

Anyway, I digress.

Ever said "Have fun!" to someone when they have just told you they're off to do something that is quite patently NOT going to be fun? Just as an automatic reflex or something?

Yeah, I did that earlier.

Luckily my friend saw the funny side of it.


  1. i said it to my dad before he had surgery

    yeah, i know what you mean

  2. sorry - i laughed out loud at that...

  3. I never know whether to laugh at myself or act like it didn't happen.

  4. Yeah, think it just depends on the situation (or person!) sometimes . . .

  5. I've said that in horrible situations, too. Like when my friend and her ex were about to have a "big talk" or when my friend was going to the gyno. Neither particularly fun activities. Whoops!

  6. That's not bad, at least your automatic answers seem from the heart!

  7. Oh God. I think we've all done that at some point.

  8. Please tell me your friend was not going to a funeral... or to have a pap smear, colonscopy or lord knows what could be worse...

  9. My downfall is ' you too '. Getting on a plane, leaving for somewhere, could be anything.. No matter what you say you get a you too back, not good

  10. Haha, yeah I've definitely done that before. Worse is the automatic "love you" to someone you barely know!

  11. And this 9is reason #138 why we adore you!

  12. My favorite is when you say "you, too" at the wrong time. Like, when your waiter says "Enjoy your dinner."

    "You too" doesn't really fit, does it?

  13. I've done that.

    Also, I'm a user of "Yeah. Good Luck with THAT" - Loaded with delightful sarcasm.

    My ex boyfriend told me he was going to find happiness elsewhere than with me, to which I replied "YEAH, Good luck with THAT"

    Oh the things we say!

  14. Another 'you too' user here. Especially when leaving somewhere and someone says 'have a good trip' - I always come back with 'you too'. Even if they're standing on their own doorstep.

    And I know I'm going to say it too, resolve not to then suffer from You Too Tourettes anyway. Grrr.

  15. ha ha .. that's funny ..

    it happens with me all the time .. the worst is what happened to grandma when she visited a friend who just lost her father in a car accident .. my grandma wanted to say i'm sorry for your loss instead she said .. absentmindedly .. congrats !!!!!

    you can imagine how embarrassing was that !

  16. sequined - i am sooo with you on those ones!!!

    thrice - yeah i like that justification . . .

    agent elle - thanks, that makes me feel better to know i'm not the only one!

    amy - no, not quite that bad, but enough to justify me feeling suitably embarrassed . . .

    pj - oh that used to be a bad habit of mine back in high school!

    LCT - I don't THINK i've done that one. Although maybe I have when I was drunk!

    JD - No, it really doesn't . . .

    Katie - I might start using that actually!

    Red Squirrel - yeah and I obviously have "Have fun" tourettes. Makes it more acceptable somehow ...

  17. and meghan - thank you!!! ( I must have blocked out the compliment there! apologies . . .)


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