Monday, 3 November 2008


I'm obsessed with calories.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Bridget Jones type who can tell you the calories in anything from a banana to a Twix bar (although I do know that a stuffed crust margarita pizza from Pizza Hut has about 2500 calories - yes, THAT many). While I DO have a good memory, when it comes to numbers I'm absolutely useless. They never stick in my head. I always have to check the packaging over and over again to know the number of calories per 100g.

But, man, check it I do. I'm obsessed with how many calories are in each item of food or drop of liquid that goes into my mouth. If it's not on the box, I'm googling it. I was eating some pumpkin seeds earlier and had to google how many calories roughly were in them. I freaked when I realised how much. Once again, I couldn't tell you now how many were in it. I can't remember the figure. But I felt bad for eating them, healthy as they probably are!

The irony of it all though? I'll obsess about the calorie content in something naughty, realise just how bad it is . . . and then I'll stuff my face with it. I'll weigh up the healthy option against the "fat" version, decide I really should have the skinny version . . . then, more than likely, eat them both!!!

Is it any wonder I'm putting weight on???


  1. There is apparently more calories in a Chicken Caesar salad from McD's than a Big Mac!

  2. just imagine that you work for a weight loss company, as i do. ugh.

  3. I count calroies sort of too, I know womean need approx 2500 pr day to remain weight.
    So when I am on a diet I keep it to like 1000-1600.

  4. I could not tell you the amount of calories in *anything* - I don't even know how many we're supposed to have a day. I'm useless at all that stuff.


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