Saturday, 8 November 2008


. . . to the X-Factor.

And I'm quite embarrassed about it.

You know, normally I actually only watch the audition part of it. Come on, it's bloody funny after all, no, sometimes even HILARIOUS! Especially when you get the little sob stories or whatever beforehand or someone going on about how good they are and then they turn out to be utter crap. Why are people so delusional? They say their friends and family tell them they're amazing singers - is this some horrible practical joke their friends and family are playing on them???

And I have to confess some of the auditions have actually had me in tears

Fortunately the people in the first clip didn't make it through to the live show - unfortunately that girl didn't, which I was gutted about because she seemed so sweet.

Anyway, usually after the auditions, I stop watching. This time though . . . I just haven't been able to. It's getting serious this time, because everyone is just so good, I can't stop watching!!! I don't WANT to watch it, but I can't help it. I really am addicted!!!

At the moment, I'm not sure who is going to win, but I'm pretty sure it will be one of the girls. After all, two out of three of the groups have already gone, and two out of three of the boys have gone too.

My favourites? I know you didn't ask, but hey I'm telling you anyway. Ha.

Ruth is great. Because she's Spanish though, Simon gets annoyed every time she DOESN'T sing in Spanish. She thinks it would be rude of her to do that considering she is in a UK competition. I can sort of see both points but I think she's got a great voice.

Laura has apparently been tipped by Dannii Minogue to win the contest, despite the fact she is in Cheryl Cole's group, not Dannii's . . .

Alexandra actually almost made it through to the live show in 2005 (I think?) but Louis Walsh decided she was too young. This time she made it through and reminds me a lot vocally of Whitney Houston.

I think this is the one I want to win though. She doesn't have the strong voice like the other girls but she is just a bit quirky and different. Although half the time she looks like she could do with giving her hair a good brush (which is a bit of a cheek coming from me since I didn't brush my hair all week last week but hey, I'M not the one on tv, right Diana???)

I feel like it will have to be one of these girls who win. Perhaps I'm wrong. But it does seem to me that the girl who won X-Factor previously is the only one people really remember. Did you ever hear of Steve Brookstein? Or Leon Jackson? No??? But I bet you know this girl . . .


  1. ok I hate you because I clicked on that Amy clip w her and her dad and now im all moved to tears myself.Ive heard of the X factor, but havent watched it the UK you guys seem to get a better back story than some of the goofs we got!

  2. oh I was referring to american idol...ok I just watched all the clips can you keep us posted lol i want to know who wins! I like Laura and diana, the two with the stylistic voices...

  3. Haha I'm so glad someone else admitted it too! I had to miss it tonight so am going to watch the re-run tomorrow afternoon!

    And YES I want Diana to win toooo!

  4. They say their friends and family tell them they're amazing singers - is this some horrible practical joke their friends and family are playing on them???

    Well, if you've ever read Chart Throb by Ben Elton, it's the Producers who tell them to say that, and because people are so desperate for their 15 mins of fame, they'll do *anything* to get some TV time ... even if they are dreadful! Poor sheeple.

    Up until the other day I wouuld have said who? to Leon Jackson, but he was performing in Leeds, as were Same Difference, for the Christmas Light Switch on!

  5. oh my gosh the spanish chica....I am so jealous of her wind machine in take my breath away, blowing light breezes in her hair. If I ever did one of those things I would want a HUGE wind machine so my hair could take a life of its own

  6. This looks a lot better than American Idol.... including the wind machine.

  7. Can you believe Laura got the boot??

  8. Hey, you're not the only one - I love it! But admittedly, I haven't seen this years' because I've been working. :( Usually watch the auditions anyway because they're freakin' hilarious.

    That young blonde made me cry!!

    I haven't watched the show, I don't know whether it's over or not but I do wish she wins!!

    His Sweetheart


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