Saturday, 22 November 2008


Since turning 29 (I nearly typed 39 by accident there, but it was an honest typo, I swear - I only type with two fingers but don't look at the keyboard while typing so I DO occasionally make an error) I have started to get a bit paranoid that I am looking old. It's not like I'm seeing wrinkles all over the place or anything, I just feel more haggard-looking or something.

It's ridiculous really for me to feel this way as I've never looked my age and it tends to be a shock to people when I tell them that I am, in fact, less than a year from 30. Believe me, it's a shock to me too!!! (Deep breaths Paula, try not to panic. Again . . . )

So it was actually kinda nice last night to have the bouncers ask for ID when we were going into Bamboo last night. It was even nicer that I'd optimistically remembered to take my passport along (since I can't drive, this is the only ID I have) which actually enabled me to GET in. I HOPE it was embarrassing for them that they'd ID'd someone who has been legally able to drink for 11 years. (I can't quite remember if they seemed embarrassed once they clocked that 1979 was my year of birth - you know, since I was drunk and all). But in a way I sort of wanted to hug them.

Somehow, I don't think they would have liked that though . . .

P.S. After reading Jess's guidespot post on the subject, I am worried there is a severe possibility I am a hot mess. This scares me. I'm not sure whether I have to fulfill all criteria to qualify to be one, or whether it's a sort of "any of the above" thing but I definitely found myself identifying with several of the definitions.

And while we're on the subject of Guidespot, why not check out Ben's appeal to Guidespot to make it open to Canadians too? I know I'm not Canadian (duh! Although I do have Canadian relatives) but the post he has written is just hilarious. (And ALSO educational, as I learned about beavers and also that Canadians spell the word "favourite" like British people . . . )

Anyhoo, it's time for Christmas shopping. Online, of course. The idea of actually GOING TO THE SHOPS??? Appalls me. Hopefully I'll get the bulk of it finished today.


  1. High five on looking young!!
    yup know the scenario with the bouncers, I sort of get off on it now, gives me a good boost to see their faces. cant wait til London and get I.D by a bouncer

  2. You look good! No wrinkles, no haggard look, you're great! But I'm empathic with your fear, I'm afraid of getting old too :( I'm afraid of not being appealing to the eyes, never, and I have to blame Posh Spice, Lindsday Lohan and all the bitches that make this world turn around :(

  3. chele - high five indeed! :)

    thrice - why, thank you!!!

  4. thank you! :D I dunno why, but receiving comments makes my day happier :D

  5. Yeah for bouncers. Im 30 and got id'd all the time, it always leaves me with a smile on my face for the rest of the night :)

  6. Believe me, all the bouncers I've ever worked with would have loved it (unless you were so drunk that you were covered in stale beer and vomit. That's not so nice!

    Like the blog - you've been added to the Reader list


  7. Haha, I'm doing my Christmas shopping online too! Enjoy looking young, totally get the feeling like you're looking haggard though.

  8. As a fellow late 20something (read: 28), my one piece of advice is this:

    Don't wear red lipstick.

    I did once recently and found that it adds 10 years in photographs. I. WAS. HORRIFIED.

    And woohoo for the Bamboo bouncers!


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