Thursday, 27 November 2008


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This morning we had a power cut.

I had barely dragged myself out of bed and finished putting on my make-up when everything went black.

Apart from my laptop - which can run on battery (for, oh, approximately five minutes! Wow!!!).

This was a bit annoying given that I 1) was wearing a skirt and nothing else (and hadn't decided if I WANTED to wear a skirt yet and examined it in the mirror for twenty minutes in order to decide) and 2) still needed to make my lunch.

In fact, scratch "annoying" - it was a "FUCKING PAIN IN THE ARSE!!!"

I couldn't even find shoes!!! Well, to be honest, I was tripping over shoes as I stumbled to open my bedroom door to my flatmate, but finding a pair that MATCHED was proving to be a slight problem.

It even took me a while to find my candles in order to give me some light.

And even then, it was STILL a fucking pain in the arse.

Or how about trying to locate my keys which I had haphazardly and drunkenly chucked across the room when I got home from my fabby evening out last night? I mean, how the heck was I supposed to know that it was going to be a total bitch to find them the next morning??? I didn't expect all the lights to go out!!!

By some miracle, I managed to locate my trousers (the skirt was a no-no given I hadn't had a chance to see what it looked like), a matching pair of shoes and all the belongings I needed. I nearly set several things on fire in the process and nearly had several accidents in the kitchen too while trying to root through the fridge (for some reason I thought the fridge light would ALWAYS go on when the door opened.) But I made it out alive.

And thankfully, by the time we returned tonight, power was restored.

Thank God for that.

(Long pause)

After all, he WAS the one who said "let there be light . . ."

(Canned laughter)


In other news . . .

I think I need to start looking for a new job. I don't want to, but work is getting harder for me to deal with as it seems that I'm working with someone who hates me. I'm not sure what I've done, but I feel like I'm getting treated differently as a result and that other people must be able to see it too, and frankly it's humiliating. It's making me not want to go to work in the morning. I hate feeling like this, especially since I'm happy in pretty much every other area of my life right now (which is a rare feeling for me and it would be nice to be able to enjoy it!)

So it looks like my only option is going to have to be doing what I do best . . . and quitting. After I've found something else, obviously. It's just I'm so demotivated now that the very idea of filling out application forms, visiting agencies and searching websites just exhausts me. I don't even really want to leave . . . but right now it just feels like that's the only option open to me.


  1. Ahh badly timed power cuts can be SO annoying. Well timed power cuts can be pretty cosy with candles...

  2. I hate power outages. I always make sure I have plenty of flashlights.

  3. Do you know what's better than blackouts? When the internet effing supplier or whoever does it leaves you without connection! argh!

  4. Blackouts can be sort of cool (or even romantic?) in certain circumstances. Obviously that means not requiring to go anywhere or do anything.

    I hate looking for jobs also (do you find that wonderful surface enthusiasm that recruitment consultants makes you want to hit them too?). I suspect I'll have to face that in the new year unless my current contract gets extended.. boo!

  5. Don't leave. Get them fired instead.

  6. Ugh, I know too well trying to navigate through life via the light of the cell phone.
    We had a power outage at work a few days ago. Thankfully, unlike last time, there was a back-up generator for the hall lights, so we just sat in the hallway and drank cold coffee for 30 min.

  7. If you've already thought about quitting, then it's time to walk. Something will come up, no matter how unmotivated you're feeling.

    -Miss Em x

  8. I fuckin hate blackouts. Whenever we loose power I see how reliant on technology I've become. I usually decide to read a book...then I remember the lights are out and drink all the beer before it goes bad (that happens, right?)

  9. I really think you should look for a new job, it would be so good for you to go to a new place and leave all that dramaz behind.

  10. Black-outs are only good when you're at work and can use them as an excuse not to do any!

    And as for work, good luck if you decide to job-hunt, although it seems unfair you have to leave because of a mean person ... :( I think adults can be worse than children sometimes, and that's just wrong.

  11. Good luck with the job hunt! Hopefully you will find something amazing that you totally love!


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