Saturday, 15 November 2008


I went to type in "Urgh" as a post title there and it appears I've already got a post called that? Okay, go figure and all that.

I had an interesting night last night. It pretty much started with me having it suggested, "Oh let's go to O'Henry's", a pub I've not been to in about four years, only to walk in and see someone I knew all too well propping up the bar. What are the chances? So many bars and pubs in Glasgow and I walk into that one???

So we went elsewhere. Several other elsewheres, in fact! And so much happened, although I have no idea HOW it happened or anything.

And somewhere along the line, my flat key went missing. Not all my keys, just my flat key. Weird, right?.

Oh, and the reason I'm posting this at six in the morning? I passed out fully dressed on my bed when I got home. Just woke up now.

Damn rose wine . . .


  1. oh I hate waking up in the same clothes. Usually means I am too drunk for my own good if I cant even take off my clothes. God bless rose wine!!!

  2. I get the WORST hangovers from rose wine

  3. ooh sounds like my kind of night out! ;) at least you woke in your own and with clothes on!

  4. Urgghh, can be spelled so many different ways, I wouldn't give up on it just yet. And there's also (part 2) and then you'll find out exactly how many times you've had an urgh (part 3) day or night.

    and anyway. rubbish nights provide valuable bloggage material. ‘Happiness writes white. It does not show up on the page.’
    so said Henry de Montherlant, he had a point - all drama is conflict. all misery is interesting to hear about. we love to hear abou other people's problems, less so when they go on about how happy they are...


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