Wednesday, 1 October 2008


" . . . so I was googling where I would end up if I walked 500 miles and then walked 500 more."

The sentence caught my attention as I was packing my lunch up to head back to my desk and immediately the above song started playing in my head.

"So where would you end up?" I asked my friend, curiosity getting the better of me.

"Barcelona or thereabouts, apparently," he replied with a shrug.

"I'm not sure how they would get back to Scotland though," he added. "They didn't really allow for that in the song."

"How about in the next chorus?" one of the other blokes suggested. "They walk another 1000 miles then. Maybe that was the return journey?"

"Hmmm." I stood up to leave. "Or perhaps they just waited until the song ended and then caught the next flight?"


  1. If I walked 500 miles, I'd end up in a hospital. Around New Haven, Conn. I'd also end up with a long beard a la Forest Gump.

  2. I have no idea where i'd end up - Sydney is about 480kms from here so maybe around the Sydney metro area ?

    I love the cheesiness of that song by the way. I also love that its from the soundtrack to " Benny and Joon ", because " Benny and Joon " is one of the sweetest movies ever...

  3. Hmmm... depending on the direction I'd end up ... North Carolina? Indiana?

  4. Return to Scotland?

    Surely the point of the song is that they'd walk a very long way to get the hell out of there... :)

  5. I never thougth of that before. I just assumed he was saying if 500 miles wasn't enough he would walk 1000.

    Who knows.

  6. Ha ha wow, I have never thought about it in so much detail before. Def though catch a plane home. You don't need to walk a round trip that long.

  7. Not quite the distance from my old city of residence to my current city... I could go visit my old uni!

  8. This post made me lol, Paula! I would end up in the Pacific Ocean or in the desert.

  9. busy day at the office? ;)

    I would end up somewhere in Asia, probably a mountain.

  10. I'd probably end up somewhere uninteresting, like Nebraska. Or Ohio.

    I love the randomness of this post. Simply loved it!


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