Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I returned from my holiday to discover the bathroom I use in our flat had been appropriated by Satan and turned into his den.

You think I'm insane, right??? Okay, I'm exaggerating. But JUST A TAD.

You see, there were two light bulbs in our bathroom. Out of desperation, one had been replaced by a red lightbulb a while back. This didn't make a difference at the time. There was still a . . . well, NORMAL lightbulb.

But while I was away, the other lightbulb apparently broke.

The bathroom now has a very red, devilish glow.

It's EXTREMELY off putting.

I feel like I can hear Satan laugh at me every time I go in there to use the facilities. I don't want him watching me do my business. But it's his lair now, he can do what he likes!

In addition, if I look in the bathroom mirror, I look sort of possessed. My eyes look bright red. Which is weird because they look perfectly normal everywhere else.

There's an obvious solution to this. I know that. Buy a new lightbulb or two, replace the red one, then all will be better.

But the one GOOD thing about having Satan take over your bathroom? Despite the red eyes when I look in the mirror, my skin looks so much better . . .

Have I sold my soul without even realising it??? :)

(If that's the case, I expect my life is going to start getting better anytime soon. I'm waiting . . . )

Now for "Cheer-Me-Up Tuesday" . . . a clip from one of my favourite programmes . . .



  1. Sold your soul for better skin?

    I'd do it...

  2. Haha, I'd say red lighting is better than "natural light" which ends up making your skin look a ghostly blue...

  3. Satan has taken over my bathroom also. It's called BOYS.

  4. Wow...talk about a place that would be difficult to pee in!


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