Saturday, 4 October 2008


I woke up this morning with a pounding head, a spinning room, and the distinct feeling that something had crawled into my mouth and died overnight. I guess that's what I get for consuming too much rose wine last night . . . and not paying for a single drink, which normally I would feel bad about but for once it's probably okay since the night out WAS for my birthday.

Anyway, it's now 11.30 am and I feel normal(ish) now. Still in bed though. In my underwear. Apparently pyjamas were too much hassle last night. Can't really remember getting home but I have a feeling it may have involved a taxi and the chippy. I also have a vague recollection of the lights flashing on and off repeatedly in the Lansdowne, which probably means we were chucked out on our arses at closing time.

Strictly speaking I'm not officially 29 until this evening; I was born at eight something pm. But it feels weird to know that's how old I'm going to be. I used to think 29 was such an OLD age. I couldn't imagine ever being it (mainly because I was convinced as a kid that I was going to die before I was 25 for some reason) but I DID think if I did reach the age, that I would have accomplished far more with my life. I mean I have good friends, a steady job and a roof over my head, but sometimes I think I should have far more than that. I'm just not sure exactly what it is that I think I'm missing. Maybe I'll work it out soon.

Anyway, in honour of it being my birthday, I decided to post a challenge I did on a few years back. It was basically devised by a fellow ciaoer who had looked up all of the famous people he shared a birthday with and then wrote his feelings on it. I thought it looked like fun, so tried it myself. It might be a bit out of date now (in fact I KNOW it is! The celebrity ages are wrong but couldn't be bothered fixing them, plus one of them is now dead I think!) but revisiting it again amused me, so here it is . . .

While browsing ciao the other day (rather than actually doing WORK, as usual!) I came across this rather intriguing challenge, set a long long time ago (or a year ago - it seems like a long time!) - what you have to do is find out what celebrities were born on the same day as you (easy enough in this day and age where the internet can be used to find just about ANYTHING!) and say what that celebrity means to you and how you feel about the fact you have a "link" between you.

So I immediately set about my "research"!!! Here are my findings. . .

CHARLTON HESTON - October 4th, 1923 (81 years old)
This old dude has a gun - and he ain't afraid to use it. And tell everyone all about it!
World-renowned actor he may be, but I don't particularly want to have anything in common with this old man. He is far too pro-guns for my liking (he has argued that the possession of a gun is a god given right!) - I personally think guns are a bad thing (I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so). And Charlton Heston, who is essentially someone that people look up to, telling people that it is OUR RIGHT to own a gun and be able to defend ourselves, is not a good thing at all.

SUSAN SARANDON - October 4th, 1946 (58 years old)
What is so great about this woman?
I'm sorry. I just don't like her. Once again, I know she is a good actress, and I have no particular reason to hate her (unlike Mr Heston), but I don't really want to have to share my birthday with her. I think it's something to do with her face - I want to smack it quite hard at times. If I have to share my birthday with an older woman actress can't it be Sigourney Weaver or Geena Davis, or someone I can actually stand to look at? I mean, what if we (by some highly unusual twist of fate) had to have a joint birthday party? I would HAVE to push her face into the cake. THAT wouldn't be good for either of our images!

JACKIE COLLINS - October 4th, 1939 (65 years old)
This woman has a pen - and she's not afraid to - er - write with it
Woo-hoo! Finally someone I like! As a wannabe bonkbuster writer myself, Jackie is a particular heroine of mine - especially as she was the author who managed to wean me off my "Sweet Valley High" and "Point Romance" addiction aged 18 (it was getting a bit embarrassing hanging around the children's library all the time!). I love the fact that her books, which seem so supremely unreal, are actually based on real life - things her friends and acquaintances tell her about, for example. I would love to have a big chat with her and find out all the Hollywood scandal and gossip she has been party to - but I would let her do most of the talking cos I wouldn't want to give away any of my own ideas for my own bonkbuster! Hey, if she steals other people's lives for her novels, I'm sure she's capable of copying my ideas!

ALICIA SILVERSTONE - October 4th, 1976 (28 years old)
My future best friend
I was so happy to find out that me and my mate Alicia shared the same birthday. I've thought she was fantastic ever since I first saw my favourite film in the whole world "Clueless" - I think she's really cool, is a great actress (although she hasn't had much of an opportunity to show her true potential) and I love the way she doesn't always conform to the perfect Hollywood stick-thin shape, eating junk and putting on weight between roles. I remember reading somewhere once that she had been eating somewhere once and had thought that the waitress seemed really sweet so she had wrote her a little note asking her if she wanted to be friends. I was like "Oh, that waitress is so lucky, I wish it was me!" I think she looks like she would be a fantastic friend to have - she seems like a really nice, sweet, enthusiastic person. I'm more than happy to share my birthday with you, Alicia!!!

RACHAEL LEIGH COOK - October 4th, 1979 (25 years old)
Could she be my identical twin? Well, perhaps not IDENTICAL!!!
I don't simply share a birthday with Rachael Leigh Cook, I actually share the exact date of birth, though probably not the exact same time. So we could be twins, couldn't we? Albeit ones born to different mothers in different countries... (It's okay, I'm kidding, I'm not THAT much of a bimbo!). When I first found out my twin-dom with this girl, I felt a strange bond to her but also felt it was a little unfair. We were born on the exact same day, but she is the one who is the Hollywood star and got to kiss Freddy Prinze Junior in "She's All That". I, on the other hand, am a temp who HASN'T kissed him! Grrrrr. This cruel twist of fate got me thinking . . . maybe we should all find out what famous person shares our exact date of birth and use them as our inspiration! Then I realised how depressed I had felt when I compared my life with Rachael's and realised that it wasn't that inspirational an idea. Anyway, Rachael also seems like a nice person and I would probably let her in my gang - as long as she doesn't try to steal my best friend Alicia from me!

JON SECADA - October 4th, 1961 (43 years old)
He can sing his song to me anyday
I don't really know much about this Cuban-born singer apart from the fact he used to write songs and be a backing singer for Gloria Estefan (who I was a big fan of when I was younger) and that his song "Just Another Day" would have been in my review of my favourite songs ever had it been a Top 20 list (it would probably have came in at 11 or 12) so I would have to say overall that I am mildly proud, but not hugely ecstatic, to share this bond with him. He can come to my birthday party and sing "Just Another Day" for me. I'll pay him with a slice of cake - I hope he won't mind about Susan's face having been in it.


ENVI (!!!) - October 4th, 1985 (19 years old)
This one was a little hard to swallow - for ME, anyway!
I have never heard of this person but her name came up on my list of birthday-sharers and, intrigued by the fact she has only one name, I checked out her filmography. Suddenly it became all too clear why I had never heard of her - I don't tend to watch a lot of porn movies, which is what she seems to have been in. Names like "Handjobs 14", "I Like 'Em Young" and "Eat My Feet" don't leave much to the imagination. She has starred in 37 of this type of film in the space of about two years - and she is only nineteen now!!! I don't think we can really call her a famous person and, while I'm fairly open-minded, I'm not letting her come (not literally or metaphorically) to my birthday party and steal the limelight by taking off her clothes or re-enacting one of her movie scenes on the dancefloor. Maybe it has been her lifelong dream to be in porn, but I just think it's kind of sad, especially given how young she is.

LENA KATINA - October 4th, 1984 (20 years old)
Christ, this is all I need - one of the lying Russian lesbians!
I had no idea who this person was until I clicked onto her details - and discovered she was one half of that oh-so-scandalous duo "T.A.T.U." Okay, they had ONE semi-good song - but they were just an unbelievable piece of PR-gone-wrong from start to finish, and I don't think anyone was all that surprised when it turned out that, oh my god, they aren't actually lesbians after all. Bascially, Lena was a puppet, her strings manipulated by her record company, manager, agent, whatever. I don't approve of that - I'm sick of big companies trying to take the piss out of gullible people. I would like her to be born on a different day, thank you very much.

And so, I end my list of birthday-sharers and my challenge. That was a bit more complicated than I thought it was going to be, but a lot of fun. I'm heading off to organise my party now - I've only got seven months to arrange it and decide which of my new "friends" to invite. Alicia and Rachael definitely. Jon will have to be there, since he's singing. Not sure about the rest. Hmm, I wonder which cake will suit Susan best . . .


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you had fun last night, despite the hangover! Have a fabbity celebration!

  2. Congratulations on another successful trip around the sun!

  3. After a certain age, I don't think you can have a birthday without a hangover.

    Have a good birthday though!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

    I think I just share my birthday with Joshua Jackson from Dawson's Creek. I'd say you made out pretty well!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Well, Well, Well, Happy Birthday Blog buddy! I hope it got a bit better for you.

  7. Firstly, happy burfday to you!

    Secondly, how can you not like Susan Sarandon? I love her,and i thought everybody else did too.

  8. Happy birthday my dear!!

    Now I am interested to find out who I share a birthday with!!


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