Friday, 24 October 2008



It's rained a ridiculous amount since I got back from Fuerteventura. Which is immensely annoying. I can handle getting rained on, POURED on even. I don't mind wet hair (unless I've spent ages blowdrying and straightening it, the occasions of which are few and far between these days), can tolerate wet clothes, but wet feet? I loathe that.

And what always seems to be the first thing to get wet? You guessed it, my feet! Even when it's not raining they end up wet, because the GROUND is always wet and the water seeps in. This is particularly annoying when I'm on my WAY somewhere, say work, for example, and have to sit with cold wet feet all day. It puts me in such a bad mood. And I bet you thought I was ALWAYS a merry ray of sunshine, right? Right????


I seem to be back on the drink and hitting it hard. This is less a sign I'm out too much than it is a sign of me feeling a bit down, I reckon. But hey, I can cope with that. It's the way I feel the next day that sucks. I hate the disgusting taste in your mouth, the sick feeling, the builders who take up residence inside your head and start hammering, and the fact that it even hurts to look at my computer screen for the first few hours of work. My hangovers have DEFINITELY taken a turn for the worse since I turned 29. And I'm not handling it well. The only guaranteed solution seems to be to give up alcohol - and the idea of not drinking wine anymore??? Fucking TERRIFYING . . .


Not the one I blogged about previously, we actually sort of got those issues sorted out with her. Another one. She has gradually taken over half the communal space as her own and got in our way in the process. In our hallway, she has installed both her bicycle, AND a row of shelves on which she stores her shoes, her umbrella, writing paper and, at one point, an open can of Diet Coke for several days. We're at constant risk of falling over it or stubbing our toes on it.

In addition, there is a cupboard at the end of the hall where she stores what appears to be half her stuff. I USED to store loads of my overflow stuff in this cupboard but one day my landlord cleared it all out, wanting to use it for "practical storage", eg irons, hoovers, ironing boards, mop and bucket, that sort of stuff. She has now practically employed it as a second bedroom.

And we also suspect she has moved her loud, hairy boyfriend in. Who seems to be in our shower when we need it, standing outside my bedroom door talking loudly when I'm trying to sleep, using our toilet paper without buying any replacement paper (and we're talking COPIOUS amounts), and (the cardinal sin in a girls only flat) LEAVING THE TOILET SEAT UP!!! Oh and on top of that, they also will quite often use our kitchen rather than the other one she's meant to use, dirty the dishes and not clean them and leave their junk lying around.

One day one of us is going to end up exploding about it. Guaranteed . . .


Obviously not ALL boys, but in general anyone who is annoying me right now IS a boy so I'm going to tar you all (albeit temporarily) with the same brush. I can't even explain why exactly, there are so many annoying me in so many different ways right now, and in different places. Oh well!!! Hopefully I'll stop taking my bad mood out on you all soon and concentrate it on those who actually DESERVE my wrath!


I mentioned the other day that I had put on another couple of pounds, which I am freaking out about. As I used to be bigger and lost a shitload of weight seven years ago, I'm feeling like I'm losing control on my eating now and heading back to where I used to be. It's a scary feeling, but I do realise that I am in control of what I eat and it's up to me to make a change. So I'm just gonna have to do it. Willpower, don't fail me now. Ie. actually EXIST for a change!!!


I feel like this week people keep trying to set me up with guys. It's starting to grate on my nerves a little. You notice how it's always people in couples that seem to want to do this??? It's like they're implying that as a single, you're not good enough. It makes me feel very Bridget Jones, and I don't LIKE feeling that way. Like I've said before, I'm happy being single. I don't miss being in a relationship as such, if I miss anything it's being in a PARTICULAR relationship so I'm clearly not quite ready to move on yet. Hopefully I will be one day, but while I don't mind the idea of meeting someone eventually who is friends of a friend or whatever, the idea of an actual set-up situation gives me chills of horror. Seriously. I only ever went on a set-up thing once and that was nearly ten years ago now, and I was SHITTING myself. It worked out and all but man, I couldn't put myself through that again.

And the idea that people I know, that claim to like or love me or whatever, want to put me through that hell, simply terrifies me!!!

What are you hating right now???

And remember, if you have any questions you want to ask me (or just want to make me feel a bit more popular), pop by yesterday's post and leave a comment. Pretty please??? ;)


  1. Ohh you beat me to it! I have an upcoming list of annoyances. Like you, I hate the whole idea of set-ups.

    Hmm some of my hates:

    -Customers who seem to think I'm psychic.
    -People who 'hate' me even though they have never spoken to me, or even been near me enough to have reason to dislike me.
    -My hair, at this particular moment.
    -Same goes for eyebrows. God I feel yucky this week.
    -Losing confidence every now and again.

  2. UGH! Toilet seat up!? (Jesse's never done that at home! Yay!) and the toilet paper thing is the WORST. BOO! I hate bad flatmates!

  3. No one likes a hangover, but I am jealous that you get set up all the time. Man, I'd love that!

  4. i like this post idea, i may steal it and use it myself. and i haven't forgotten that you tagged me a while ago, it's just so hard to come up with six random things!

  5. I'm hating how hard it is to lose weight and how easy it is to put it on...

  6. I'm hating not having the internet at home. It makes keeping up with my fav blogs sooo difficult!!!


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