Sunday, 21 September 2008


I don't watch a massive amount of television. I used to when I was younger and had no life. But nowadays, not so much. I don't really GET when people say "Oh the new series of X is starting, I can't wait". Once again I USED to get it, but nowadays (say it with me) . . . not so much!

I think this is because I'm clearly developing commitment issues.

You see, becoming a fan of a TV programme can be a complicated process - much like dating. First of all, you have to find one that catches your eye. (Luckily this is where tv programmes have the edge over people, because you tend to find a lot more people raving about them than potential guy or gal friends!)

Then you have to establish whether you're both available at the same time. Say the show is on every Wednesday night at nine pm. Is this suitable for you? No? How about this other show, it's on at three pm on a Saturday afternoon? No? Is the show repeated at any point which will be more suitable for you? Do you have another way of potentially hooking up with this show if none of the times are suitable? (VCR, DVR, watching online?) Do you have the motivation to work out an alternative or are you just going to give up at the start line? Decide now. Are you in or out?

Then you have to commit to watching the show. Because if you miss an episode of it, you may find it difficult to catch up. And what with the vast amounts of channels available these days, it's not always easy to remember what is on at what time and where. And, to be perfectly honest, are you really wiling to schedule your social life around your favourite TV show?

Like with relationships, some shows can SEEM appealing until you actually start paying attention to them. You can get excited about one, thinking it looks like an interesting prospect, then watch one or two episodes and realise it really isn't all that. That the hype was . . . well, OVERHYPED. "Ugly Betty" springs to mind as my top example of this. I looked forward to my date with it for weeks before it started and then just felt let down when I actually watched it. Our relationship ended fairly quickly.

Other shows can get off to a good start with you, and you can like them for a significant amount of time, then one day something goes wrong. Perhaps they bring in a character you can't stand to watch on screen, or say something you completely disagree with that makes you not want to have anything to do with them anymore. Or perhaps they move on to greener pastures without you even wanting them to (like when Channel Four lost the rights to "Lost" - ironic? - and it ended up with Sky 1 and I could no longer watch it anymore)!

These days anyway, at least it's getting less complicated to watch tv shows I might like. There's better ways to do it now, I've found. For example, you can buy a boxset of a show you're potentially interested in and watch it greedily in a matter of days, much like a heady glorious fling that's over in a short period of time but utterly memorable and fantastic with it. Or you can find somewhere to download it online and dip in whenever you need a fix (I'm not going to compare that to anything, you can probably work out what I mean). It's probably better this way.

Right now, for example, I'm having a fling with "House". Yum. I never really got the House thing, and was unwilling to commit, but I had one brief encounter with him a while back (at my flatmate's insistence and I had nothing better to do - so blame her!) and was mildly interested, so decided to give him another go. I've spent a large chunk of the past day or so catching up with him and I'm quite hooked. Perhaps after series one is over, I'll let him go for a bit, have a fling with someone else (I never quite got a chance to get into "Grey's Anatomy" either and have the first season of that on dvd too) and then perhaps dive into another fling with him at a later date. Or perhaps I'll move on completely to something else?

The best thing of all. The tv shows don't even get a CHOICE in the matter. I'm in COMPLETE control . . .


  1. I know what you mean. Great analogy., but I must be pretty easy when it comes to series, though: I used to joke about having a show for every night of the week. Not much has changed, although I love owning a DVR.

  2. thats why i love Bkk. i wait for things to come out on dvd , or most importantly bootleg so it is infact much faster. so what friends tell me i should buy i get and i just spend a hungover weekend watching it.

  3. I love " House ". Is it strange that i not only love the show, but i find House himself strangely sexy ? He's older, he's dishevelled, he's grumpy... but he's funny, and cheeky, and stubble is hot.

    I know,seriously, i have problems.

  4. I'm always the one that gets really into a show a few seasons late. I buy them on DVD so I don't have to deal with commercials and everything. Then next thing you know the shows cancelled and I'm all like "But I just started watching it! Damn."

  5. This was an AMAZING blog :) And I can relate completely. I think I'm like 3 steps behind you. I commit to it SO much. I miss it for one day, and I'm dying inside. Then, I miss it for a few more days...and then, the show becomes annoying and I don't want to watch it anymore. I'm now committed to nothing... But want to be. :)

  6. oh noooo, don't start on Greys Anatomy.... i did and fell in love with the doctor and then got a bit sad because he's not realy, which makes me even sadder!

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