Monday, 1 September 2008


How many of you are guilty of sending text messages to a person the message wasn't intended for ? I know I am - it's not like I do it regularly, but I have experienced numerous near-misses and a couple of severe doozys.

Such as the time when a friend of mine had dragged me out to a bar I didn't particularly like (a bit pretentious for my liking) and then had proceeded to go up to the bar and chat to the bar guy for fifteen minutes, leaving me alone without a drink and feeling immensely out of my depth. Mind-numbingly bored, I had composed a quick moaning text to my boyfriend of the time to tell him how my friend had abandoned me and I was having a crap time . . . but right as I was in the process of sending it, she walked back and said something to me and, in my confusion, I sent it directly to her. Ooops. It took a couple of days to sort that one out!!!

I'm not a massive culprit of this phenomenom. But I know plenty of people who have sent emails or text messages to the person they were bitching about or whatever. It's easily done really, isn't it? I mean, if you are ripping a certain person's character to shreds, then they're obviously on your brain, so when you go to send the message, quite often your brain automatically chooses the person you are thinking about to send the message to. At least that's MY theory anyway . . . I also read this book around about last Christmas, which showed how often such mistakes can occur, mainly in the world of email. These slips of the finger can ruin careers, friendships, reputations . . . I could go on . . .

Thankfully I've generally managed to catch myself on time before I seriously fuck up a message and/or a friendship. Usually by staring intently at the name of the person I'm sending it my email or text to, and saying it a couple of times out loud to ensure I am definitely sending it to the person I intend to send it to. This works fairly well - although occasionally the people around me assume I'm talking to myself and am therefore insane (for the record, the insanity is a possibility . . . )

Although my faux pas the other night was actually more to do with an irritating phone and clumsy fingers than anything else. I was actually trying to delete my sent messages and somehow managed to forward the most recent sent text to the first person listed alphabetically in my phone directory - who happened to be a guy. I tried to stop it happening, before I even knew what the message said, but it was too late to do so. It was also late (as in half past midnight on a Thursday night) so I really didn't want to be sending a text at that time. I didn't even know what the message said, I just knew I didn't particularly want to wake up him and his wife - I loathe it when people do that to me.

So I sent another message straight away (regardless of the time!) saying sorry, I hadn't meant to send the message to him, it was meant for someone else and just to ignore it. Then I checked to see what the message was . . . and cringed.

I'd sent a message to my friend earlier about our healthy eating and fitness and said something along the lines of "Well, if we exercise the way we did LAST night, we'll definitely be losing something."

I had to pray that this guy hadn't been mysteriously "not home" the night before, that he hadn't chosen that night to roll in at three in the morning, acting suspiciously. Because, let's face it, if his wife saw that text, it would look more than a little dodgy . . .


  1. Oh I've done something like this before. I thought I sent a text to the guy I was kind of dating, but instead sent it to my landlord. That was interesting to set straight.

  2. Argh, I've sent a text to the wrong person before with fairly disastrous consequences! Learned my lesson at least!

  3. I've only done that by text once but I'm much guiltier about doing this with e-mail. Oops.

  4. haha! oooooo i am very guilty of this, not often but occasionally like yourself!

  5. Been there too! However, I have done it generally when I was tired out of my mind - is it the same with you too?

  6. OHHH yeah. I've done it before. Luckily, I wasn't talking about anything secretive...

    I know so many people who've sent text messages to their parents but it was intended for their boyfriend/girlfriend. And lets just say they didn't go out ever again. lol

  7. I completely hear what you are saying. I've been booked solid every weekend for three months. All I want to do it sit around in my pajamas and veg. I don't see that happening for another month though.


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