Friday, 5 September 2008


I'm hibernating this weekend.

Not the way an animal does, I should clarify. I have no intention of sleeping for days or weeks or months (although I probably could). I also realise it's not winter - although sometimes I wonder, judging by how utterly shitty the weather has been here of late.

But I made sure before I got home last night that I had stocked up on supplies. That I had enough ready meals (low-fat, naturally!), Diet Irn Bru and chocolate (the ultimate necessity, I'm sure most would agree - my chocolate of choice was Green & Blacks Organic Milk just so I could pretend it was almost good for me!) to keep me going for three days should I choose not to leave my flat in that time. I ensured I ordered some books from amazon marketplace several days ago - I know I have still have twenty plus books in my room I've yet to read, but you always should be prepared (I was a girl guide for about three weeks once so I know this!). I made sure I had plenty of dvds that I hadn't watched. I didn't make any concrete plans with anyone; when people asked me what I was up to this weekend, I either "uhmmmed" and "ahhhed" and refused to commit, or out-and-out said I had no intention of leaving my flat.

One of my flatmates casually asked me last night if I had plans on Saturday. "Em - no, I don't think so," I said warily. "Great! Could you do me a big favour?" she asked. Long pause. I looked at her uncertainly. Was I meant to agree without knowing what it was? It transpired she needed someone to drop banners and streamers off in Cafe Andaluz on Saturday afternoon as part of a hen party she was organising/attending that same night. It sounds awful of me, but I couldn't say yes to it - the idea of anyone taking my three day hibernation away from me was just too devastating. I ended up saying lamely "Well, I had no intention of leaving the house, but if that ends up changing it's absolutely no problem." In other words, if I decide to leave the house fair enough (for example, I've tentatively pencilled in a dinner on Saturday night, but not committed to it, as it will depend how I feel) but I'm not leaving to do a favour for anyone, selfish as that seems.

The thing is that basically every holiday I've booked off work in the last year has been for me to go away somewhere. Oh diddums, right? I know you're thinking it. But honestly, travelling is pretty tiring. And sometimes I just wish I could have some time off where I just don't have to do anything, where I can just relax. Even this weekend I was meant to be going away to Dublin, which was the reason why I have the day off. But that fell through due to severe lack of funds which meant I couldn't afford to book the flight . . . so I decided to make the most of it and have a three day hibernation. I can't actually describe how much I've been looking forward to it, honestly. Maybe it sounds super-pathetic but the last two weekends when I spent one of my days off doing overtime was done knowing I had a three day weekend of nothing coming up, just as the extra hours I did at work during this week were worked under the theory that I could "catch up on my me-time" and sleep over these next three days.
Because I only recently got back to the point where I could enjoy my own company again, where I didn't have to be doing something with someone else all of the time just to keep my mind off things I didn't want to be thinking of, I feel like I have a lot of ground to make up.
Since getting home last night I've enjoyed a nice home-cooked meal, played some "Guitar Hero", had a bath, sat on the internet for hours (mainly reading more articles about the arson house murder-suicide in Shropshire - I'm getting more fascinated and appalled by it as time goes on!), went to bed at 2am, woke at half eleven, read my book for an hour then ventured back onto the internet. The plan for the next few hours? Eat some lunch, try and finish my book, then watch some more "Samantha Who" and "How I Met Your Mother" online . . . along with any other interesting shows I may find along the way.
Sound like a plan??? :)


  1. Ooh. I hear ya. We're expecting to feel the effects of Hurricane Hannah or something so there's not going to be anything going on to get out of bed for. Mmmmmhibernation.

  2. Ooooh I know that feeling. Sometimes you just need a nothing holiday.

  3. Hibernating this weekend sounds PERFECT! I completely understand about the whole traveling thing. It's exhausting.

  4. Sometimes all you need is to relax and hibernate. Watch TV and DVDs and veg out. It's amazing, and so refreshing. Enjoy it!

  5. That sounds like a great idea! We are getting alot of rain down here where I am, one of those damn hurricanes are sweeping through. I think I may get drink some wine all day tommorow and just blog. You ahve inspired me!


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