Saturday, 6 September 2008


So my self-imposed hibernation didn't exactly go to plan. Why? Family called. My sister phoned me last night to ask if I fancied doing something with her and my mum today. I didn't have the heart to say no. Nothing definite had been planned at that point, my mum hadn't even committed yet, so I told my sister to let me know what was happening and I would decide if I wanted to come out.

Next thing I noticed I had an email from my mum saying she quite fancied going bowling. I wasn't quite sure what to make of that. My mum can be a bit random, but she's so adorable. She doesn't really understand bitchiness and office politics make her sad. When we take her out for a pub lunch she gets excited when we order a bottle of rose and they put it in a wine cooler. She sings random little songs to herself, and is convinced the priest in her local church slowed down the organist on purpose to stop her singing the hymns, which really upset her. She doesn't really use handbags when she comes to meet us; instead she'll put her belongings in a plastic bag. What plastic bag she uses depends on the occasion - if it's just a coffee, it'll be a duty free bag, for example; if it's lunch in a nice place, she might upgrade to a Next bag. Seriously, she's a great character.

When we met up at eleven this morning (which necessitated me getting up before ten am!!!) the first thing she proceeded to tell us about was following one of my sister's co-workers through Frasers department store earlier on today (the girl was working in the concession there for the day) purely so she could see her name badge. "Let me get this straight," my sister said slowly. "You were stalking her?" My mum nodded enthusiastically in response.

Anyway, she got her way and we went bowling. Once again, I pretty much sucked at it. Apparently I really do bowl worse sober than I do drunk. My sister, on the other hand, kept saying "if I get less than 100 points for a game, I just can't cope." She coped just fine . . . her worst score was an even hundred. I managed 98 on our third and final game and that was a record for me. Think I could have used those bumper buddy things . . . although I'm sure a 28 year old really should be able to bowl in a straight line- preferably one which doesn't end up in the gutter!

The games went on longer than they should have, probably, as my mum would quite often continue a conversation she had started for several minutes before we could get her up to take her go. This is why coffee would probably have been a far better idea. Coffee is more of a conversational activity. Bowling is a competitive event. This is probably the main distinction between the two, apart from obviously having to change your shoes for bowling, and generally not having to change them for coffee. At least in the circles I travel in . . .

Anyway, despite me not wanting to leave the flat for three days and breaking this aim, and not being particularly sure if I could even be bothered going out today in the first place, I had a good time all the same. I'm not entirely sure there was any other point to this story . . . but, what the hell, I told it anyway!!!


  1. Blah to lack of hibernation. But bowling sounds surprisingly fun!

  2. I adore bowling! But I'm not particularly good at it. I don't see why a 28 year old should be able to bowl in a straight line! Refuse to accept that. No need to be able to bowl in a straight line. In fact it's more entertaining not to be able to, which I think is worth lots of points (I have to see it that way...)

  3. Even though you wanted to stay in, it still sounds like you had a nice time with your mom and sister. And I'm just like you when it comes to bowling. I'm TERRIBLE at it. I once bowled a whole game only knocking down three pins! YIKES!

  4. Sounds fun, even if you were trying to avoid it.

  5. Bowling with the Fam is always entertaining - sounds fun!

  6. Oh boo, I am disapointed in your hibernation failure. I was rooting for you! Just kidding, I guess family is important enough to go out for.

    I suck at bowling, and my friends talked me into joining a league with them. It was awful and I had the lowest average in the whole league.


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