Monday, 8 September 2008


You know when you see someone fall flat on their face and you want to laugh out loud and sometimes do? Is that evil?

I wonder of late if my evil streak runs thicker than I've realised. I always wondered back in the day when I would be watching "You've Been Framed" and virtually piss myself laughing at the unfortunate accidents people had on film if my laughing made me a bad person. Because when I thought back to some of the things I had seen, surely the person could have been quite badly hurt. After all, bellyflopping into a pool can be pretty painful, as can getting kneed in the balls by your kid (I imagine). And I'm sure when you run at someone during a dance and are meant to jump into their arms and miss and hit the floor instead . . . well I don't imagine it's a walk in the park either. Yet I would still howl with laughter; the type that makes you double over in mirth, that makes you feel the following day like you've done 100 crunches due to the muscles in your stomach contracting so hard.

I take a lot of joy from the celebrity magazines which chronicle the embarrassing things that have happened to various celebrities that week. "Oh, look who forgot to wear pants again" or "look who fell over outside a nightclub!" All very amusing. Hey, you might make more money than me . . . but I didn't have my most embarrassing moment that week caught on film. Ha! I win!

If someone tells me that her boyfriend has butchered her hair to the point where she looks like a woman from a Meatloaf video and that's why she has it tied back, I instantly want to see the horrific hairstyle in its entirety. Or if a colleague tells me that as part of his stag night humiliation, he had to wear a dress (and, in his own words, not even a nice dress!) I instantly want the photographic evidence. In both cases, this is because I want to see for myself and laugh if necessary. Am I the only one who would be thinking this?

Is it bad of me to want to punch the person who just gave away the glue stick sitting next to all my other stationery on my own desk on the day I managed to get a papercut on my tongue from licking envelopes (karma perhaps?) and therefore needed it to seal my envelopes??? Especially since they never even apologised for it? (If they decide to give away my stress turkey Tito next, I will not be responsible for my actions...)

And how about the urges I get to knock cyclists off their bikes when they virtually run me down on pavements and pedestrian bridges? Or the fact I want to punch those idiots who hold me up when I'm trying to walk down the street, either the fellow pedestrians who stop suddenly in front of me so I nearly run into them, or the so-called "charity workers" trying to force me to sign up for a direct debit every month where more money will go to them and their agency than the charity in question? Is this wrong of me?

Is it only natural of me to take pleasure in other's pain in a "You've Been Framed" type way? Am I the only person who occasionally wishes to inflict bodily harm on someone particularly annoying them? I seriously doubt it.

But does anyone else want to admit it??????????

And finally . . . something that amused me - in a sick way. Not the hoax itself regarding Miley Cyrus's alleged death in a car crash last Friday, but the comments that accompanied the article which CONFIRMED it was a hoax.


  1. Oh - I'll admit to the evil streak within me! I always laugh at bad things I shouldn't laugh at (I recall one time I couldn't stop laughing when someone fell over on ice. They were badly hurt as well, but I just couldn't stop guffawing. It's like I have an inappropriate laugh switch inside me that springs to 'on' whenever it feels I should come across as a horrible person! I'm not!)

    Oh, those charity workers - grr! I always tell them I'm 17 because you have to be 18 for the Direct Debit. Who are they to question my age!? Hehe! The other group that annoys me are the paper handing-out people in London at rush-hour. No - I don't want to read the news I have already read online today. LEAVE ME ALONE!

    Great post!

  2. It's called "Schadenfreude". :)

  3. Oh, I laugh at other people's misfortune all the time, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Besides, you know they would be laughing at you too if the situations were reversed.

    BTW, I just read those comments to the Miley Cyrus article and it was HILARIOUS! People are so dumb.

  4. I'm sure we ALL think like this. I know I do. You just can't help it!

  5. Tito turkey is adorable and I think I want one. You're well within your rights to come out swinging if he goes awol.

    You're not alone is finding a deep pleasure in that pain of other or in the desire to cause others pain. particularly cyclist ( who in my city need to be fucking shot becuase they cause more goddamn accidents than the people driving do.)

    Anyways, yeah you're not alone.

  6. No your are most def not alone....
    Hilarious Post!!

  7. It's always funny when it's not you. :)

  8. I always laugh too. Can't help it. But not in a 'schadenfreudig' way, just cause it looks so funny...

    And thanks for that link. The comments are wet-oneself funny :-D

  9. When I see a big group of pigeons I really want to run up and kick one. This makes me evil, I know, but I can't help it! They look so round and awesome.

    The miley comments were hiiiiiillarious!!!

  10. Oh, that's not evil. Trust me. If near pissing yourself at someone falling over is evil, I think we're all pretty much going to hell.


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