Thursday, 28 August 2008


Met a total arsehole tonight. Wasn't remotely interested anyway, he was a ned extraordinaire (SOOOO not my type - and if you don't know what a ned is, trust me, you don't want to know!!!) but I still don't like arseholes trying it on. Very annoying. He went from "you're sexy as" (apparently that's meant to be a compliment, unfinished sentence or not) to " nice top - my gran has one like it." Nice.

Anyhoo, I was all set to post some of my barcelona pics and other bits and bobs from august, however, my laptop appears to be against me, so screw it. It's half past midnight and I'm wiped out, did three hours overtime today as well as going out tonight, so really need to be tucked under my covers, you see. Instead, here's my quote of the day . . .

After realising I STILL had the corkscrew from yesterday in my bag (which means that I never drank alcohol last night - can I get a woo-hoo???) I decided to tell my sister this. But build up gradually.

Me: Look at the crap I have in my lunch bag. I have lemon juice . . .
{I use lemon juice in hot water as a detoxifier on a regular basis)
My sister: Is that to lighten your hair???
{Apparently my sister didn't know this . . .}

Anyway, pictures will hopefully follow tomorrow. But not from last night . . .


  1. Lemon juice as a detoxifier? I'm intrigued

  2. Well they always advise you to have hot water with a slice of lemon in the morning, right? But I can't be bothered with the lemon crap, so use some lemon juice instead. Plus I find it easier to drink water with a bit of lemon juice in it. Look at that "lemonade diet" too which uses lemon in water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. It's meant to be a good detox too, it's just a bit extreme for me!

  3. I haven't lightened my hair with lemon juice since I was 14. Does that really work?

  4. Nah, it never worked for me when i used to try it - I found sun-in to be far more successful!!!

    I think more than anything it was the fact my sister thought I'd taken lemon juice to work to highlight my hair there that I found so hilarious. Why would i do that IN WORK???


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