Saturday, 23 August 2008


The setting - Crown bar, Belfast, last month

(Me, M and A are enjoying our drinks when a random stranger approaches us)

Random stranger: Do you happen to know what the Irish version of the name "James" is?*

(We look at each other blankly for a moment. Then . . . )

Me: Seamus?

Random stranger: (looking doubtful) Er - okay. Thanks. (walks away)

M: Paula, what were you THINKING?

Me: What???

A: You can't just MAKE UP names!

M: Why did you tell her that was the Irish version of James?

Me: (confused) Erm - cos it is . . . I think.

A: No, I don't think it is.

Me: Well, do YOU know what it is?

A: Eh - no, I don't.

Me: It IS! It's pronounced "Shay-mus" but you spell it S-E-A-M-U-S. (They both still look doubtful, so much so that I start to doubt myself). Honestly, it's true!

M: Well, how do you KNOW that?

Me: Um, I don't actually know.

By which point they almost had me convinced I HAD just made it up. So I googled it on my phone . . . and I was right! Have absolutely NO IDEA how I knew this but I did.

The point of this anecdote? Isn't it obvious???

I really AM a font of useless information.

(As long as you ask me something I know the answer to, that is . . . )

*I wonder why she wanted to know this. There wasn't any pub quiz going on...


  1. Nice.

    It is also good to note that "Sean" is their form of "John".

    Hence why P-Diddy's clothing line "Sean John" makes me laugh. His name is redundant! And I don't think he even knows!

  2. Brilliant, I never even thought of that!!!

  3. WOW! That actually makes sooo much sense!!!

  4. I love when that happens! Not so much the " random questions from strangers " part, but the bit where you find out your right and you can do the whole - " I told you so! Never doubt me again, for am a genius! " - thing to your doubters.

    I like that part!

  5. Libby - i guess every day really IS a school day, right???

    Amy - exactly!!! Although if I had been WRONG, not only would I have been mortified, but I would have been wondering how the heck I managed to make something like that UP!!!

  6. wow isn't it great when you surprise yourself with how much you know? Scary, maybe even slightly depressing but overall you feel pretty darn smug don't you ;) x

  7. Huh, I didn't know that. I'm curious as to why she wanted to know, too.

  8. Girls are always right. That's the rule.

  9. mnaybe she was trying to pick you up...

  10. this post, wow.
    I think I would have just looked at the person wondering what the hell she was on, what a random quietion to ask someone

  11. emmie - yep, smug is DEFINITELY the word . . .

    alice - isn't it???

    stephanie - and funny how she would approach the scottish people to ask. mind you, i dont think she was irish either.

    lct - i LIKE that rule! ;)

    son - i hope not. she was ugly!

    chele - i guess we'll never know . . .

  12. You obviously had a useful memory floating somewhere in there!!


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