Saturday, 16 August 2008


In reflection, think I need to sort out my conversational skills a bit. Here's some things I've talked about in conversation in the past week . . .

  • how I managed to burn my right bumcheek in the sunbed on Tuesday night (that's what I get for wearing a thong)
  • the fact that I bought low fat wraps in the supermarket but couldn't separate them without them ripping into bits, and ended up having to use wholemeal pitta bread instead for my lunch (wow, fascinating stuff, eh???)
  • going on constantly about how bloated I felt (attractive!)
  • telling a sarcastic person that in order for people to take his sincere comments seriously he should make quotation marks with his fingers - because this would mean the opposite for him (no one seemed to understand that but it made sense to me)
  • how proud I was that I hadn't had any alcohol since wednesday night (this was on Friday morning so I hadn't drunk in just over 24 hours . . . )
  • talking about gameshows from the past (actually THAT was pretty interesting, and now you know why I was posting bad gameshow answers earlier on in the week)
  • mentioning food constantly (i have a one-track-mind when I'm on a diet)

Think I maybe need to find some new chat . . .


I know this is a bit random, but here's some of the things people have typed into search engines in order to find my blog...

my parents are on holiday

"ladies toilet" pooping stall

can you put liquids in your suitcase?

I'm addicted to guitat hero, I think I might need an intervention

what does muy caliente mean in french

insert in her wet hole blogspot

just pull down my knickers

my brain feels like its drunk

my cleavage

Like I said . . . random!!!


On another random note, I've been thinking about songs I haven't heard in a while and youtubing (is that a verb?) them. Like this. Or remember this? And this!

Can't believe it's been years since any of these songs have been out. It makes me feel old . . .

PS I'll probably be back later as, if you remember, I'm broke and therefore confined to my flat. Boo. What's a girl to do . . .


  1. Insert in her wet hole? Well, I'm sure when they stumbled on your blog, it wasn't what they were looking for...

  2. angela - i hope not!!! :)

  3. Bwahahahaha...Insert in her wet hole! Thats kinda funny, but also kinda scary! I don't know if I'd want someone who googled that line to be reading my stuff. But they probably didn't stay long!

    And how did you manage to only burn the right cheek?


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