Monday, 18 August 2008


My flatmates are laughing at me because of my excitement regarding the smallest and cutest of cakes - these. After years of wishing for the brown ones to disappear and be replaced by pink or lemon ones, I've finally had my wish come true. A box of all pink strawberry and cream fancies!!! It's unbelievable, I am soooo happy about this. I was actually hugging the box at one point and jumping up and down - I believe that MAY have been what prompted the laughter. (Now all I need is for them to release a box of just yellow ones and I could die ecstatic . . .)

It's a limited edition though. Of course. Have you noticed that? Anytime a company introduces something you love, it's always limited edition or just plain disappears off the shelf a short time later. What a pain in the ass. I can't even think of any examples of it right now. (White Smarties maybe?) I just know it's happened to me REPEATEDLY . . .

I'm just watching the episode of "Friends" where Rachel quits her job as a waitress. Doncha just wish real life was that easy? One minute she's a waitress, the next she's like some high-powered big cheese in fashion. That's kinda like me going from lowly administrator in my company to the head of my department overnight. Well, not quite, but you get my drift.

Sorry, I'm rambling. I REALLY didn't sleep well last night. I was having those half-awake nightmares, where you drift off for two seconds and immediately plunge into some sort of hell dimension where people try to kill you (or KISS you - let's face it, when they're really ugly that COULD qualify as a nightmare) or something like that. And you're submerged in this nightmare and scared out of your wits but you are aware enough to know for a fact it's a dream so you're trying to pull yourself out of it and when you finally manage it it's like you feel physically drained because somehow being in the dream when you're not completely asleep is EXHAUSTING! Anyway, I then ended up waking up at five to seven, still completely fucked (and not in a good way), feeling like I could do with a good night's sleep.

I was so glad to get the day over with and get home, you have no idea. My head feels seriously fucked up at the moment and I'm not entirely sure why. All I know I've not been feeling quite myself for the last week or so.

However, the pink cakes have certainly helped to cheer me up . . .


  1. Sometimes if limited editions are popular they keep them. Here's to hoping!

    I was watching that Friends episode tonight too.

  2. right...
    a pink box of fancies. I mean is it just the fact it is PINK? Or do these fancies really taste good, because then I want to taste because well the box just looked like a ordinary box to me. Im not getting the excitement here....we never had those were I grew up. *does a sad face*

  3. Oh wow oh wow oh wow!!! Why couldn't they have brought them out two years ago when I was living in the UK?!!! They'd better still have them when I'm over in October!
    Stupid country, Switzerland! No Mr Kiplings Cakes, no Cadbury's, no Wotsits... Gah!

  4. I hate it when brilliant products disappear! In, like 2004 they had those "remix" flavors of Sprite. One of them was like, berry flavored and delicious. And then it disappeared. Tragic.


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