Friday, 1 August 2008


Er - apparently I'm going for option 2.

I have done everything I could tonight other than pack. Untangle all my cables so I can get my walkman, DS etc charged. Beautified myself - or attempted to, anyway. Downloaded songs for my walkman - after all, it's been at LEAST five days since I did it last. Eat conspicuous amounts of junk food - frankly, it's shameful, no wonder I'm putting on weight like there's no tomorrow. I'm now even contemplating tidying my room - reasoning that I don't want to come home to a mess - so that proves for definite how much I hate packing as it's usually cleaning that causes me to procrastinate!

The thing is, my suitcase is actually virtually full. Maybe that's the problem. I'm packing for four days here. Yet I seem incapable of taking the clearly superfluous clothes out. Instead, everytime I tentatively venture into the vicinity of the suitcase I actually end up sneakily ADDING clothes to the pile. As if I'm somehow trying to TRICK myself into not noticing. (And since I've NOT been drinking, that's unlikely!)

So it's one in the morning, I need to get up in a few hours, and nothing is organised. And I don't feel like it will be. I could stay up all night and it would STILL be a big rush come airport time. There's so many things I'm reluctant to put in the case yet - what if I need them in the morning??? - so I'm kinda stuck in a packing limbo I guess! Oh well, that's as good as an excuse as any to stop packing . . .


  1. Packing sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What I do, though, is get those little travel shampoos (like the ones you find in hotels) and that way you don't have to take any of your own stuff. And if you buy makeup like from clinique, you might could get some free samples and take those with you. But I use bareminerals, so the cases are relatively small.

    Have fun on your trip!

  2. I always procrastinate on this stuff. I usually save it until the day I leave and I'm running around like a mad person. THat never seems to change no matter what.

  3. One time I decided it was imperative that I redye my hair before going to Dublin for a weekend of boozing. So the night before I left, that was what I was doing. And downloading new music onto my mp3 player of course. That one's a classic method of procrastination ;-)

  4. I am flying out at 7am tomorrow.... I have yet to start packing.... instead I am busy (yes - busy) catching up on all my feeds on Google reader....

  5. haha! i love the 'busy (yes busy) catching up on all my feeds on Google reader...' :-D
    I so know what you mean :-)

  6. Ugh. I hate packing. Especially deciding what shoes to bring-- I always have to imagine multiple outfits in my head, and then end up not taking off my flip flops!

  7. Hate packing, too... It takes me around a week to pack, cause I would go utterly crazy if I waited till the last moment. It's kinda enough that my other half does and then ends up with no pants or no socks.
    I love your blog!


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