Sunday, 31 August 2008


  • I'm quite a fast runner - well, I mean, I'm quite fast at running on the Nintendo Wii. Real life running . . . oh, I still SUCK at that!!!
  • When one side of my face swells up, it does NOT look attractive. Not that I EVER thought it would . . .
  • When updating my Shelfari reads, I realised I have now read 39 books this year. That's fairly impressive, but mainly because I tend to virtually INHALE books while on holiday. (For example, in Gran Canaria in April, I read nine books in a week!) When I'm at home I tend to read far less due to time constraints so the holiday reads bring up the total somewhat.
  • Perhaps the reason I don't really pay much attention to the news is because when I DO, I end up obsessed with cases such as this. I've been googling it all weekend trying to find out the latest updates on it.
  • I am far too lazy to work two days at the weekend. (I was all for doing overtime today too until about ten last night when I just thought "Screw THAT, I need a day off!")
  • It doesn't take me long to get my Guitar Hero mojo back - I am rocking it for all its worth once more.
  • I still haven't managed to lose any weight, despite eating far healthier than I usually do for the last couple of weeks.
  • I've just realised I haven't had alcohol all weekend. Go me!!!
  • My head is still a bit wrecked. Still not really sure WHY either . . .


  1. Isn't the Wii a great device??? A girl that plays Wii already has my heart.

    Wii fit makes me absolutely "knackered".

    See? I'm trying to impress you with my Euro lingo!

  2. I'm officially impressed! :)

  3. Hahaha I love the blurred lines between being good at something and being Wii good at something.

  4. Yes - for once I can actually pretend to be GOOD at sports! And don't even get me started on what an expert I am at wii trampolining . . .

  5. 39 books?? Thats pretty good. I do intend to get Shelfari or something similar happening, but i just cant be bothered.
    Do you recommend any books? Have just about run out...

  6. Do you like chick-lit? If so, most of the ones on my shelfari shelf were pretty good!

  7. Ah yes all wise lessons from the weekend. I am also much better at several things in video-game world than I am in real life.

  8. omgosh that case is horrible! we have a similar one in the states. a little girl went missing and they think they found her body in the trunk of car.

  9. I'm like that on holiday too - I read a book per day. And I've just signed up to Shelfari after seeing yours - argh, it looks so addictive!


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