Sunday, 24 August 2008


  • Doing overtime makes you tired :(
  • Sleeping in ALSO makes you tired . . .
  • if you put over 2000 songs on repeat, you're still likely to get a song you don't want to hear . . .

  • ...But plenty of songs you've forgotten about. Such as . . .

  • Don't put any music on the oven before performance time. Otherwise there will be catasphical consequences . . .
  • I think this song might have been written for me . . .

EDIT: Can you tell I was drunk when I wrote this? I don't even REMEMBER writing it. And the thing about the oven? What I MEANT to say was don't put anything in the oven before you go to work, cos I did yesterday morning and then spent half the morning panicking that I'd left it on. Luckily my flatmate's boyf was there and checked, but not before I'd decided he'd died of smoke inhalation as he wasn't answering his phone.

I'm also quite confused about the new word I've invented - catasphical. I'm ASSUMING I meant catastrophical . . .

PS My head hurts... :(


  1. i hate that sleeping makes me tired... I went out friday but slept all day AND night yesterday and I'm still so exhausted. Ugh.

  2. i often put my ipod on random...all 2000 or so songs...and yes, I do end up skipping through a lot of them, but it's always good to hear those songs you forgot about!

  3. I was gonna say, please tell me how to put music on the oven so I can be cool like Paula!

  4. Maybe you were trying to mix catastrophic and philosophical. I mean, one usually leads to the other.

  5. I was so confused, how do you put music on the oven? LOL

  6. ahhhhh the edit! looks like you had fun this weekend anyway ! :) you looked great!

  7. Maxie - its so true isn't it???

    Sophia - yep, I found tons yday. I actually have loads I don't even KNOW too, due to me uploading full albums onto it when I haven't listened to all the tracks.

    Ben - aw, you think I'm cool??? I love you. :)

    Son - possibly. I like that idea, it makes me look not quite so stupid . . . or drunk!

    dutchess - quite easily i assume! it just might melt!

    jessica maria - thanks!i did INDEED have fun.

  8. best...drunkpost...ever

  9. Hilarious! I love the new word and may just have to find a way to incorporate it into my work day tomorrow


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