Sunday, 17 August 2008


Miss Em suggested after last week I make my lessons from the weekend a regular thing but this weekend they've perhaps been a bit boring since I never left the flat. Here they are anyway. . .

  • I'm actually slightly more of a clean freak than I thought. (Once I get in the mood, that is)

  • And ironing my pillowcases seems to make SENSE all of a sudden.

  • I have 27 books that I have not yet read sitting on my windowsill. Yet somehow still have the desire to buy more . . .

  • I'm really not very good at lighting candles without getting my fingers burned.

  • It really ISN'T possible to live in a flatshare with five other people and like ALL of them (I'm sure there will be more to come in the future on THAT one).

  • Watching the Olympics isn't QUITE as much fun as I remembered from last time.

  • HOWEVER I find myself welling up everytime Team GB win a gold and the national anthem gets played. SERIOUSLY. I know, how very PATHETIC of me.

  • While we're on the subject of the Olympics, considering he's like 41, Colin Jackson is still pretty damn cute.

  • I really like this video and this one is pretty cool too. Whereas this one . . . not so much. And normally I LIKE their stuff . . .

  • I can actually SURVIVE a weekend without alcohol. Wow.

While I'm here anyway, I noticed both the aforementioned Miss Em and also Princess Pointful had taken part in a meme in which you choose five ecards from which sum you up. I couldn't resist giving it a go . . . but it was a struggle to stop at five! I also can't be bothered explaining them, so you can draw your own conclusions . . .

Anyway, I have a friend coming over and need to finish cleaning beforehand so I'd better sign off here! I think I'll pick a chick-flick to watch too - it's always funny to force a guy to watch a girly film . . . well I think so anyway. :) If I think of any more lessons I learned I'll pop back later.


  1. Haha I love making guys watch chick flicks! And I totally understand the thing about the books, I have a desire to buy more even when I haven't got through the ones I have!

  2. I've been seeing that meme around too, and it makes me want to do it!

  3. I'm loving the Olympics. And just so you know, if there arent any Australian's in the event and there is a competitor from GB, then the get my support. If an Aussie cant win, then i'll support the Motherland instead.

    Oh, and PS : ironing your pillowcases is such a nanna thing to do.

    PPS: That meme is fun!I did it and i encourage you to do it too!

  4. I really like this idea, a nice little reflection on your weekend :)

    Ironing pillowcases is like moving to the dark side for me, I'm trying to avoid it but it might be inevitable.


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