Sunday, 10 August 2008


  • I can't bowl for shit.
  • BUT drunken bowling is fun.
  • PUKING, on the other hand, is not.
  • BUT a Calypo is a fabulous hangover cure.
  • So is a French Martini, funnily enough.
  • And chilli nachos.
  • My sister makes a big enough portion of chicken enchilladas to serve a third world country (okay, that's a slight exaggeration. She makes enough to serve about four people. Which is slight overkill when there's only two of you).
  • "PS I Love You" is a great film. I've never went from laughing to crying and back so quickly in my life.
  • I don't understand why so many people slag off Yates. It makes good food and has cheap wine (you can't sniff at less than five quid for a decent white zin). People can be such snobs.
  • Oh and if I go somewhere with a sale, you can guarantee that I will end up buying the full price item. . . .

Last but not least, a message for an asshole customer we witnessed in Yates . . .

I'm not the biggest fan of kids running about pubs and making noise either. But it's perfectly clear that the pub allows kids in there during the day and if you didn't want to deal with kids running about, you shouldn't be eating in there in the first place.

And, if you are planning to have a go at someone for the kids being boisterous and disturbing your lunch, why yell at the bar staff? THEY don't make the rules, and they CERTAINLY aren't going to try and control the kids. They don't belong to them after all. If you're going to yell at anyone (if you really HAVE to) why not take the parents to task?


Oooh, and you have to listen to this . . . so funny!


  1. All good lessons from the weekend. I am actually a good bowler and enjoy doing it but I don't enjoy puking. Ugh the heaving and the noise makes me nauseous right now.

  2. 1. I am good at Wii bowling, not so much at the real version
    2. PS I Love You was great - i am officially in lust with Gerard Butler
    3.I dont get people who yell about children in public places, especially if theyre little kids. Little kids dont know any better...

  3. I'm pretty good at bowling, but way better at it when intoxicated.

    I haven't seen PS I Love You yet but from the sounds of it I probably should!

  4. I absolutely hate when people assume that the staff are in control of every bad experience they have at a restaurant or store. You can definitely tell the people who have worked customer service from those who haven't...

  5. So true! (especially about the sales!)

    And you said i was obsessed with shopping...! :)

  6. i hate it when people in pubs complain of the kids and parents. They know they are allowed in so its their choice to deal with it. grr. :P

    Drunken bowling is fab. I'm a mess when balancing after too many beers anyway and put a heavy object in one hand and your guarenteed a laugh or two lol

  7. I wasn't sure about P.S. I love you... But glad you enjoyed it! And loving the discovery of Calypo as medicinal!

  8. Paula, lessons from the weekend is a must do every weekend from now. Make it a series. Very entertaining! x

  9. drunk bowling, now thats a sport that sounds like fun.

  10. bayjb - yep, the memory makes me feel a bit nauseous too!

    amy - yeah, i never got the gerard butler thing until i saw that film. and he does a great irish accent for a scot - unlike myself who my irish flatmate assures me can't do an irish accent AT ALL!

    alice - i think i was better at it BEFORE the alcohol. after the alcohol us girls were just trying to distract the guys (it was almost a boys against girls scenario) by jumping up and down a lot and hugging each other. annoyingly, it didn't work . . .

    pp - too true! i doubt this guy in question had worked a day in his life the way he was going on.

    kimberlie - you are soooo worse than i am, and you know it, lol!

    mal - exactly! if you're going to go to a place that allows kids, you've pretty much got to grin and bear it.

    lct - you honestly cannot beat a calypo when hungover. okay, so i puked half an hour after having it, but then i felt better!

    miss em - i like that idea, i'll have to give it some thought. and thanks! :)

    chele - maybe they should have it in the olympics???

  11. Drunken Bowling puts Sober Bowling to shame.

    Its so much more fun.

  12. matt - i'm DEFINITELY in agreement on that!!!

  13. The person was too scared to ask the parents who are probably constantly stressed and ready to lose it with a child running around all the time.

  14. I agree 100% Drunk bowling is fun...though it can become dangerous..Lol


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