Friday, 29 August 2008


So I've not got much to say tonight really. Feeling kinda drained, and a wee bit down; I'm working OT tomorrow so just trying to switch off and relax a bit tonight. For some unknown reason I'm watching Wife Swap, mainly because I can't be bothered getting up to change the channel.

Oh, do you think that eating jelly babies is cannibalism in a way? I always feel a bit guilty after I eat them. You know how vegetarians say they can't eat anything with a face? Well, I don't have problems eating meat really, but eating food fashioned into animals or people is a different matter. For example, my sister, knowing I like Winnie the Pooh, once bought me a little set of jelly lollipops moulded in the image of Winnie and his friends. I couldn't eat them, it actually would have made me feel guilty!!! Anyway . . . Since I don't have much else to say, I thought I'd post some pics to sum up the the last couple of hectic months in my life!

Me and A do Belfast in drunken style

I try devious tactics to distract the competition during "Guitar Hero" . . .

And perform a little myself . . .

Me and M pose in the centre of Dublin

Drunken bowling night in X-Scape - I regretted the drunken part the next day . . .

The pic that prompted my mum to imply I looked fat . . .

The lovely view from my balcony in Barcelona!!! Nice, eh??? It was fun to watch the people coming (no pun intended!) and going . . . Unfortunately I never managed to capture any of them on film. Damn . . .

Me and D in our hotel bar.

Looking a bit worse for wear in a place that made the loveliest carbonara (with Iberian sausage instead of ham - pretty damn good!!!) Plus I had a LOVELY coconut cocktail. The place is called Navarra - if you're ever in Barcelona, pay it a visit!

The Sagrada Familia . . . a beautiful work in progress . . .

. . . hopefully it will be completed within our lifetimes.

Me (and my lovely dress!) outside our hotel . . .


  1. that dress looks sooooo cute on you! (And you so don't look fat!!!)

  2. I told you that dress was cute! And politely tell you're mum to shove it - you're not fat at all!

  3. Ok, this may sound fucked up but after the post about your mom saying you looked fat. I thought maybe you would actually be a little heavy but you're all. I'm very confused by your mother?

  4. She did hasten to add that she just meant I looked fat in the PICTURE, but by that time the damage had been done. And to be honest, for my height and build, I could stand to lose a couple of pounds. But thanks all for the nice comments! :)

  5. You do not look fat in any of those pictures!!!
    And 'the worse for wear'??? What on earth are you talking about?! You look great! Wish I looked like you :-)

  6. uh hu....worse for wear? If i looked like that when i felt great i'd be pleased! gorgeous xx

  7. More lovely pics... and I think your mom is insane!
    And I simply cannot eat the head of a chocolate bunny until last.

  8. hehe no it is not cannibalism eating candy shaped as humans or animals. I find it quite fun...but then im the nutter here


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